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[Video] Quan the Padawan – Shiva

20 Oct

“Shiva” is the latest release from Outer Space Productions, better known as OSP.

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly Draft Choices of the Washington Redskins

21 Mar

Most members of Sibat Media live in the DMV area and year after year, the Washington Redskins constantly let us down. In the past ten years, the Redskins have had two winning seasons (10-6 in 2005 and 9-7 in 2007) and in both of those seasons we lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. So, what is it that makes the Washington Redskins so terrible…their drafting.

This is a very obvious issue as a Washington Redskins fan. Daniel Synder, regardless if you like the man or not, does not know how to run a team. In the past ten years, there are terrible first-round draft picks along with no first-round draft picks at all and some great draft picks. Let us break it down year by year:


Rod Gardner- After four seasons with the Redskins, he was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth-round draft pick. Gardner had 227 receptions for 2,997 yards over those four years to give him 13.2 yards a catch…pretty awesome.

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Take Care: Chopped And Screwed

21 Nov

Having already released a group album and several individual projects this year, the musical group Outer Space Productions continues their steady stream of material with their latest project, Take Care Chopped & Screwed.
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Just Drive

27 Oct

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New Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

14 Oct

Since we have last checked in with Michael Henry and Justin Robinett, they have created 5 new videos:

1) Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5

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iPhone 5 Rumors

2 Sep

The release date for the iPhone 5 has been set for September 2011. Initially, rumors were circulating around the web that the phone could be released as early as June/July 2011 but the planned date of September seems to be what is now set in stone. All types of rumors about the phone itself have also been spreading around, but none of these rumors have been confirmed by Apple, but they haven’t been denied either. So, to make this post fitting, here are 5 rumors that look interesting enough to talk about and hope for as an avid iPhone 3GS user myself:
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Checking In With Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

6 Apr

Our first feature on Michael Henry & Justin Robinett was a big hit with the Internets, so we decided to check back in with them. Since the posting of The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 2, they have come together and collaborated three more times for some new, great covers. Check them out below… Continue reading