[Video] Quan the Padawan – Shiva

20 Oct

“Shiva” is the latest release from Outer Space Productions, better known as OSP.

The video features rapper Quan the Padawan in eerie lighting and with beats that also add an ominous feel throughout the entire song. The intro to the song is a line from The Dark Knight, “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” and after you see Quan the Padawan ride on a bike in the darkness of a street to set the tone for the video, the song begins.

Written, directed, and filmed by RappertheProducer, Quan the Padawan is shown in three different areas throughout the video: on a street as cars pass by, on a bridge, and in the woods while he raps lyrics such as “I’ll drop you like a Grand Canyon cliff, only steeper” and “I’m not a homosexual, if you’ve been trying to dick me” that hit the viewer quickly as he moves to each new line effortlessly painting a picture with every one liner.

The lighting, sound, and ladder work were done by Leroy Combs, who should be credited for the excellent use of lighting throughout the entire video.

Feel free to view more of OSP’s videos on YouTube.

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