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Justin Timberlake – ‘The 20/20 Experience’

31 Mar

(Note: This review originally appeared in The Silhouette)

Following the enormous success of the FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake fell off the musical map and let his ceaseless ambition guide him down other career avenues. He’s proven his acting chops playing Napster founder Sean Parker in David Fincher’s The Social Network, but only after letting them go to waste on slapstick slop like The Love Guru. Ever the crowd-pleaser, he distanced himself from his boy-band image while performing the highly entertaining History of Rap with Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake seemed to remain in character as Mr. Parker, adopting the same energy he brought to the role of the entrepreneur while recently hosting Saturday Night Live.

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“Oh, but we go out at night!”, Born Ruffians at the Casbah

17 Nov

Hamilton, ON

Born Ruffians came from humble beginnings in their hometown of Midland, Ontario. And despite having moved to Toronto to release two critically-acclaimed albums, it is their communal attitude that brings them back to intimate venues. On November 2nd, this meant a sold-out gig at the Casbah in Hamilton, Ontario. And damn, I’m glad for it.

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Beach House Roll Through Kool Haus

31 Oct

Toronto, ON

It’s been over two weeks since Beach House absolutely crushed the Kool Haus, so the fact that I’m only writing about that show now means I’m a lazy asshole.

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Grizzly Bear Brings Vibes to Massey Hall

8 Oct

Toronto, ON

It was a Wednesday night and the vibes were infinite. Scores of fans had gathered outside the famed Massey Hall in order to catch the indie heavyweights, Grizzly Bear. 

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Beirut Conquer Toronto’s Sound Academy

22 Jul

Toronto, ON

It’s been six years since Zach Condon released his debut solo LP, Gulag Orkestrar, under the moniker of Beirut and introduced the indie crowd to his nuanced spin on traditional Balkan brass music. In the meantime, Condon  has acquired a damned good band to back his lilting vocals and experimented with different influences including Mexican funeral bands, electronic music,  and the French pop and chanson he grew to love while living in Paris. Two albums and a smattering of EP’s later, the lively Brooklyn-based band is still touring behind last year’s The Rip Tide. Thursday night found them in Toronto’s much-maligned Sound Academy.

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[Mixtape] UMSC (Ulterior Motive Sound Crew) – M.D.M.A

20 May


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‘Spring Breakers’

12 May

Why see ‘Spring Breakers’, you ask?

If that Mayan Calander bullshit does in fact come true and we all die come December 21st, I’ll be terribly disappointed. Not just because I haven’t even been able to get legally inebriated with a righteous bunch of frat-boys and bops yet, but because I will miss out on what looks like a cinematic masterpiece in ‘Spring Breakers’.

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