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Odd Future Wolf Gang Invades D.C.

15 Feb

The OFWGKTA crew made their first trip to the nation’s capital on Monday night, performing in front of a ferociously energetic crowd at the U Street Music Hall. Hit the jump for a re-cap of the night & selected footage… Continue reading

Through My Eyes: Georgetown Living

18 Jan

Over the weekend, our photography team had the privilege of doing a shoot with Jerome Vorus of Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Vorus, a 19-year-old college student & photographer, has received much publicity of late concerning his multiple encounters with law enforcement. On several occasions, he has been harassed/detained by law enforcement for taking pictures in a public place, which is not a crime. With this experience, we plan to work in the future to make people more aware of their legal rights as photographers. This time around, we decided to shoot in Georgetown, but there will definitely be much more to come from us… Continue reading

Through My Eyes: B.rain W.ash Part 2

13 Jan

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Just going keep sharing my pictures periodically until I figure out what else I can do with them… enjoy with the track below! Continue reading

Through My Eyes: B.rain W.ash

11 Jan

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This photography project was inspired in-part by Thierry Guetta, a man who spent years of his life videotaping and documenting everything he saw. He later became a street-artist, influenced by the likes of Banksy and other high-profile artists. In the spirit of his work, I kept my camera with me all day, attempting to capture as much as I could. I too am lucky to have personal relationships with many influencers, and I cannot thank them enough for making me better, but I will try anyways. Thank-you BasedGod.

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Through My Eyes: DEFY Clothing

8 Jan

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot for the DEFY clothing line. Everything went smoothly, except that TLC happened to be shooting an episode at Georgetown Cupcakes at the same time, which prompted a (fake) clash of cameramen. It was all in good fun, and the shots turned out decently… check out a few pictures below, and be sure to look out for the release of this shirt in the DEFY web store.

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Through My Eyes: Beer Tasting

8 Jan

I know my readers in Colorado will appreciate this one…

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Through My Eyes: Dundee Festive Ale

26 Nov

Here’s a great way to start off the Christmas season!