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Vampire Weekend Send Toronto’s Sony Centre Into A Frenzy

28 May


On May 16th, Toronto was blessed with clear skies and a cool breeze that kept perspiration at bay. Residents of the city were up in arms about the LCBO strike and you couldn’t walk ten paces without hearing someone grumble something about how the long weekend would be “the worst, EVER” because of this. Those who weren’t voicing their discontent at lack of alcohol were laughing at Rob Ford’s latest in a long string of miscues (He has more in common with the late Amy Winehouse than he lets on).

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That Time I Met Vampire Weekend

4 Apr

(Note: This article originally appeared in The Silhouette)

Normally, most people develop a healthy liking for a band that stretches from their angst-ridden teenage years to when they’re married with children and no longer make have time to listen to music. In opposition, a select group of fans let their mild affection evolve from a weekend pastime to a deep-rooted infatuation that pervades every waking hour. These members of society have been somewhat derogatorily dubbed fangirls/fanboys.

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Love Advice From ‘Girls’

15 Feb

(Note: Originally published in The Silhouette on Valentine’s Day)

It’s pretty easy to hate Lena Dunham’s breakout show, Girls. Some have said the show depicts a lazy, self-indulgent generation who have no clue how to act as functioning members of society. Lena herself has been slandered by the media for coming across as entitled and failing to write a wider array of ethnicities into the show. It is as if critics can’t separate Lena’s character, Hannah, from herself. That in itself is a testament to why the show has garnered so much acclaim; it’s real, almost painfully so at times. Each week’s episode is akin to watching the cast take a 30-minute crash course on life, love and friendship, which often become indistinguishable and leads to disastrous results.

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A Blissful Afternoon Spent with Anthony Burgess’ Original Manuscript for ‘A Clockwork Orange’

7 Dec

Hamilton, ON

It’s been 50 years since the publication of Anthony Burgess’ cult classic, ‘A Clockwork Orange’.  I’ve always been a huge fan of both the book and Kubrick’s film adaption and naturally, I was shocked to recently hear that my school, McMaster University, has had the original manuscript in its archives since 1967. They bought it at the time for a mere $250. To add some perspective, a first edition of the book recently fetched $15,000. Rather giddily, I went to check it out.

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Instagram is Home to Some Odd Stuff

6 May

In a highly publicized move, Facebook recently acquired the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, for roughly $1 billion in cash and stock. The profitless photo-sharing app that originated in San Francisco now has upwards of 30 millions users after being independently active for a mere 551 days.  For most of this time, the app was exclusive to iPhone users. All this puts the death of so-called “old media” in perspective;  in comparison with the app, the New York Times is reportedly worth $970.22 million.

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Invades D.C.

15 Feb

The OFWGKTA crew made their first trip to the nation’s capital on Monday night, performing in front of a ferociously energetic crowd at the U Street Music Hall. Hit the jump for a re-cap of the night & selected footage… Continue reading

Through My Eyes: Georgetown Living

18 Jan

Over the weekend, our photography team had the privilege of doing a shoot with Jerome Vorus of Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Vorus, a 19-year-old college student & photographer, has received much publicity of late concerning his multiple encounters with law enforcement. On several occasions, he has been harassed/detained by law enforcement for taking pictures in a public place, which is not a crime. With this experience, we plan to work in the future to make people more aware of their legal rights as photographers. This time around, we decided to shoot in Georgetown, but there will definitely be much more to come from us… Continue reading