March Madness Update: The Round of 32

20 Mar

Our team here at Sibat Media thought it would be a good idea to join a bracket competition, to see who is really the best at figuring this type of thing out. So, I present to you our standings thus far…


Entry Name: Gay Boobs

Owner: TechPhenom

Points: 450

Possible Points Remaining: 1180

Percentile: 96.3

Good Call of the Tournament: TechPhenom made the pick of the #11 seed Gonzaga upsetting the #6 seed St. John’s. This pick really had no implications down the road seeing as he had #11 Gonzaga losing to #3 BYU in the next round, but it was still a good upset call nonetheless.

Bad Call of the Tournament: Not necessarily a bad call,  but with #1 Pittsburgh falling to #8 Butler last night, this causes some issues in TechPhenom’s bracket because he had Pittsburgh going to the Final Four and losing to #1 Duke.

Game to Watch Tonight: TechPhenom’s biggest game to watch is going to be #1 Kansas vs. #9 Illinois. This game shouldn’t cause too many issues for #1 Kansas and they should be able to win, but with TechPhenom having #1 Kansas win it all, he can’t afford another #1 seed to go down. **UPDATE** Kansas defeated Illinois 73-59 tonight so it looks as if TechPhenom will hold his #1 spot for now.


Entry Name: Sausage McBallsack

Owner Name: W.

Points: 410

Possible Points Remaining: 1180

Percentile: 69.5

Good Call of the Tournament: #10 Florida State over #7 Texas A&M. Yet another game that had no effect later down the road, since W. had #10 Florida State losing to #2 Notre Dame. But hey, an upset call is always a good call.

Bad Call of the Tournament: W. really hasn’t had too many bad calls at all. His worse call when looking at his bracket is probably his upset pick of #6 Cincy over #3 UConn. He had #3 UConn losing to #2 San Diego St. in the next round, so it’s not going to hurt that much, but many people didn’t see #6 Cincy pulling off that upset…but crazier things have happened in this tournament.

Game to Watch Tonight: #1 Ohio State vs. #8 George Mason. This shouldn’t be that tough of a win for the Buckeyes, but with W. taking the Buckeyes all the way to the Championship and still sitting comfortably with points in 3rd place, this is a game that would only help him if the Buckeyes do indeed win. **UPDATE** Ohio State destroyed George Mason 98-66 tonight so W. is in real good shape.


Entry Name: Coin Flip

Owner Name: Dauphín

Points: 400

Possible Points Remaining: 560

Percentile: 59.4

Good Call of the Tournament: #12 Richmond going to the Sweet 16. If you would’ve told me this before the bracket started I probably would’ve laughed at you. This was a great call by Dauphín’s coin, and I’m sure he couldn’t be happier with that call.

Bad Call of the Tournament: #6 St. John’s winning the entire bracket…yeah so maybe the coin wasn’t so helpful come to think of it.

Game to Watch Tonight: #3 Syracuse vs. #11 Marquette. The coin has placed #11 Marquette in the Championship Game, and even though #6 St. John’s is out of the picture. A huge upset W by #11 Marquette could keep Dauphín’s chances alive even in 4th place. **UPDATE** Somehow Marquette pulled off a huge upset tonight against Syracuse and won 66-62. This is gonna be huge for Dauphín, if they can keep a run going in the tournament.


Entry Name: nhlnflnba184141

Owner Name: TheSportsGuru

Points: 380

Possible Points Remaining: 1060

Percentile: 38.6

Good Call of the Tournament: TheSportsGuru made the call of the #11 seed Marquette to defeat the #6 seed Xavier. Another game that really didn’t have too many implications for TheSportsGuru’s bracket later on, seeing as he had #11 Marquette losing to #3 Syracuse in the round of 32, but it was a nice decision on his part.

Bad Call of the Tournament: A huge defeat for TheSportsGuru’s bracket was the loss by #6 Georgetown to #11 VCU. Not many people saw #11 VCU winning this game, but TheSportsGuru had #6 Georgetown going to the Elite 8. This was a game that definitely hurt to lose.

Game to Watch Tonight: TheSportsGuru had #4 Texas beating #9 Tennessee in the Sweet 16 and advancing to the Elite 8, so he is going to need a big W by #4 Texas tonight over #5 Arizona seeing as #9 Tennessee is knocked out of the tournament. If #4 Texas does in fact win tonight, they will more than likely face #1 Duke in the Sweet 16. **UPDATE** Texas lost in stunning fashion to Arizona 70-69, so things are not looking too hot for TheSportsGuru right now.


Entry Name: Sarataiapanam

Owner Name: Dauphín

Points: 340

Possible Points Remaining: 1140

Percentile: 11.0

Good Call of the Tournament: #8 Butler over #1 Pittsburgh. Dauphín had Butler advancing to the Sweet 16 and it payed off for him. Now let’s hope his call of #4 Wisconsin over #8 Butler works out as well.

Bad Call of the Tournament: #5 West Virginia in the Final Four. That looked like a longshot from the get go with teams like #1 Ohio State and #2 UNC in the same bracket.

Game to Watch Tonight: #1 Duke vs. #8 Michigan. Dauphín needs a W tonight by #1 Duke seeing as he has them going all the way to the Championship and winning it. As long as #1 Duke can make a steady run in the tourney, maybe Dauphín can pull off a miracle comeback when this is all said and done. **UPDATE** #1 Duke won 73-71 over #8 Michigan…so it looks as if Dauphín is already in good hands for the night.

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