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Introducing Sibat Magazine

18 Apr

After several months of work, we would like to announce the launch of Sibat Magazine with our Spring issue for 2011. Continue reading

Apple iPad 2?

26 Nov

Apple iPad 2

Rumors are spreading across the internet that the iPad 2 could be released as early as April of 2011.

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7 Aug

Conrad Roset. Women. Bright Colors. Enough Said.

In an astonishing marriage of surrealism, realism, abstract, and oil paint, Victor Rodriguez is BLOWING MY MIND.
Fantastic double entendre logos. Beautiful design PLUS practicality.

“Solo! Hay lapa no ya, Solo!” Adidas put out a Star Wars collection, my favorite shoe is the one modeled after my man JABBA.
We’re Hunting YETIS! Nonnative’s “different”camapign video for their A/W collection.
Take a ride on a Bus reminiscent of Ms. Frazzle’s in the Pull & Bear A/W Campaign Video.
Ever wanted to watch every lightsaber ignition in the Sar Wars movies in chronological order?!? I THOUGHT SO!
In other Star Wars related news, Rocky Balboa auditioned to be Han Solo!
So the “Housewives of DC” finally premiered. In other news here’s a link to paint drying, it’s more interesting.
Pandas can escape a jail cell, can you? (No)


This Week In Links: Part 2

2 Aug
In the follow-up to Part 1, we will take a look at the latest and greatest in Photography, Fashion, and the culmination of their combination: Modeling.

Ashton Worthington shows that photography is more than snapping pictures.
Joscha Kistner has gone from apprentice to master of his craft.
Emotion and energy of the Japanese warrior as captured by Aries Mulung.
Photographer/Designer duo Aleksey&Marina create beautiful art together.


Moschino gives us an colorful sneak preview of next year.
Run Feel like Michael Johnson with these Gold Nike Air Max ’97’s.
Michael Drake offers his guide to the Gentleman’s Wardrobe.
Daniel Widrig puts his own spin on clothing at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Dimitris Skoulos depicts a lovely summer afternoon for Elle Greece.
Scarlett Johansson continues her run as the face of Dolce & Gabbana.
The ZANEROBE 2011 lookbook has Terry Richardson written all over it.
Photographer Farrokh Chothia goes tropical for Elle India.
The notorious Jeremy Scott brings addidas Originals to life.
Get ready for the winter with timeless yet modern pieces from Juliette Hogan.
Surprisingly stunning shoot for Talbot’s 2010 Holliday Collection.
Madonna gets photoshopped campaigns for D&G.
Beautiful Badass Woman of the Week: Milla Jovovich.
Kennedy Family photographer Mark Shaw, circa 1950’s.

This Week In Links: Part 1

31 Jul

It has been an amazing week in the world of art, for everything from graffiti to photography. In fact, there’s been so much going on, that we can’t flood you with it all at once. First up, what’s new in graffiti, design, photography, and more…

Russian local legend Sy demonstates his unique 8-Bit Graffiti.
LRG commisions Chicagoan artist Pose for a mural in their offices. 
Banksy leaves his mark on Detroit.

3D graffiti from Graffiti Technica may be a sign of what’s to come.

Parisian designer Henri Labourdette gives the classic 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III “Vutotal” Cabriolet a majestic makeover.
Scottish brewery BrewDog is selling beer packaged in dead animals.
BYU students build the ultimate chick-magnet: a motorized couch
That’s not a photograph; that’s Roberto Bernardi blowing your mind.
Ansel Adams’ photos found at a garage sale turn out to be worth $200 million.
Photographer Samer Farha recorded his travels around the world.


This Week In Links

23 Jul
My friends, I hope you are enjoying your time here. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. I give to you my heart and soul… Are you not entertained!?

Feast Your Eyes On This
Cliche Rap

Twitter Time-Lapse Shows America’s Mood
Steve Carell & Paul Rudd Mock LeBron James’ Show “The Decision
Terry Richardson Photographs Kanye West & Amber Rose [picture]
Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge: Mel Gibson [picture]

Absorb This Knowledge
15 Things You Didn’t Know About “Office Space”
By the Numbers: How the Digital Revolution Changed Our World
Investigation of the Top Secret Network of the U.S. Government
300 Year-Old Ship Found Under the World Trade Center Rubble

Concept Design of the Day : Chopper Scooter
Wiki Page of the Day: List of Misconceptions
Name Fail: The Official Site of Pen Island = not to be confused with
Can Your Baby Get Pregnant if You Have Sex While Pregnant?
All These Sunglasses Brands Made By One Company

This Week In Links

10 Jul

Check out some of the most interesting things from the past week. And if you are as sick of hearing about LeBron James as I am, I have found the cure:
  1. Click here.
  2. Give it 10 seconds to wash away your pain.
  3. Thank BP.
  4. Have a great weekend!





  • Mercedes-Benz military vehicle is still a concept, but an amazing one
  • 21-year-old eliminates bulky bike locks forever.
  • 50-foot luxury yacht appropriately named “Marvin The Martian” is not only environmentally “green” and self-sufficient, but also a beautiful boat.


  • The iconic mask of Darth Vader: Revisited & Reinterpreted.
  • Affected by the oil spill, photographer Jane Fulton addresses the issue in her provoking shoot titled Crude Awakening.
  • The Cook” by Tim Doyle, for all my fellow Breaking Bad fans.