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Summer Style in DC

10 Sep


As we enjoy the final days of summer, we would like to share with you a recent project from our very own Mr. Kyle Jiron. Bringing a unique approach to a historic city, he was able to capture the beauty of Washington D.C. in a way that even residents – who long ago grew acclimated and bored with the monuments – can appreciate. Continue reading

Instagram is Home to Some Odd Stuff

6 May

In a highly publicized move, Facebook recently acquired the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, for roughly $1 billion in cash and stock. The profitless photo-sharing app that originated in San Francisco now has upwards of 30 millions users after being independently active for a mere 551 days.  For most of this time, the app was exclusive to iPhone users. All this puts the death of so-called “old media” in perspective;  in comparison with the app, the New York Times is reportedly worth $970.22 million.

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Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar

12 Mar


The US April 2012 Harper’s Bazaar features everyone’s favorite Angel, Miranda Kerr. [Complex]
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Introducing Sibat Magazine

18 Apr

After several months of work, we would like to announce the launch of Sibat Magazine with our Spring issue for 2011. Continue reading

[Through My Eyes] Just Another Snow Day

31 Jan

Because of all the positive feedback to our Earn Your Title “Photographers” posts, I decided to share some more pictures from that day. Check them out below, and feel free to send us your own work! Continue reading

Earn Your Title “Photographers”: Part 2

27 Jan

I couldn’t help but feel like Dauphin’ s Earn Your Title “Photographers” was pointed in my direction, mostly because I’ve taken pictures less than two times since the year has started, so here you go Dauphin, here are my snow day pictures, all of which are post-edited, of course. (We can’t all be perfect like you.) Continue reading

Earn Your Title “Photographers”

27 Jan

Today is a perfect day to take some amazing pictures. All you people with cameras that want to call yourselves “photographers”, now is your chance to prove yourself. Here’s a couple pictures I took this morning (no post-editing). Take this as a challenge, a call to action, an insult, or whatever it takes to motivate you. If you do shoot today, drop us a link to your pictures in the comments!

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