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New Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

14 Oct

Since we have last checked in with Michael Henry and Justin Robinett, they have created 5 new videos:

1) Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5

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Checking In With Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

6 Apr

Our first feature on Michael Henry & Justin Robinett was a big hit with the Internets, so we decided to check back in with them. Since the posting of The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 2, they have come together and collaborated three more times for some new, great covers. Check them out below… Continue reading

The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 2

15 Jan

For part two of this segment, I’m going to go with another set of guys who do covers on YouTube that I recently discovered. Michael Henry and Justin Robinett take alternative/pop songs and change them into piano masterpieces. Continue reading