Movie Review: Take Me Home Tonight

19 Mar

Even though I’ve been focusing on music and technology articles lately, I thought I should hop in on the movie mix while I’m at it. So here is my first movie review of hopefully many for Sibat Media…

Take Me Home Tonight

Released: March 4th, 2011

Setting: Late 1980’s

Genre: Comedy

Plot & Characters

Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), a brainiac from high school that is a graduate of MIT is now a nobody working at a video store in his hometown. One day, Franklin’s high school crush Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer), wanders into the store and immediately Franklin remembers why he fell for this girl in the first place. Frederking invites Franklin to a party and Franklin shows up with his best friend Barry Nathan (Dan Fogler) and twin sister Wendy Franklin (Anna Faris) for what ends up being the night of his life.


The film had a good set of actors with no one that was really a “star” in Hollywood. Anna Faris and Topher Grace both brought a nice element to the movie having the funny twin brother/sister bond. Dan Fogler was hilarious throughout the movie, being put in awkward situation after awkward situation and immediately winning over the viewer. Lastly, Teresa Palmer played the cute girl who had a great job but just wanted to be with someone because of their personality, not necessarily because they were rich and attractive.


Overall, I would say the movie was perfect if you wanted to get a good laugh. It wasn’t anything like “The Hangover” but I felt that it was still a solid comedy movie. I would give the movie a B rating because it satisfied me as the viewer but of course it wasn’t an amazing movie, seeing as most comedies today aren’t really geared to be huge blockbuster successes. I would recommend this movie to any person that wants to see it, but unless you are going out with friends, it would probably be better to wait for it to come out on DVD and enjoy it a your own leisure and not have to spend $10.

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