[Video] Quan the Padawan – Shiva

20 Oct

“Shiva” is the latest release from Outer Space Productions, better known as OSP.

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Protected: Osheaga: An Odyssey

15 Aug

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Former WU LYF frontman Ellery Roberts Releases New Song: ‘Kerou’s Lament’

25 Jun

WU LYF may be no more, but its ex-members are still pursuing other creative endeavours. Drummer Joe Manning, bassist Tom Mclung, and guitarist Evans Kati have notably joined together to formĀ Los Porcos, while their former frontman Ellery Roberts has contended himself with lingering in the shadows.

Things did not end well for WU LYF, who amassed a flurry of followers made up of critics and casual listeners alike after releasingĀ Go Tell Fire To The MountainĀ in June of 2011. In late 2012, Roberts uploaded a final track on Youtube entitled ‘TRIUMPH’ 9that has since been removed) and cryptically wrote: “WU LYF is dead to me” (full quote after the jump)

Roberts has remained relatively quiet since then, but his morning he posted a song called “Kerou’s Lament” on Tumblr.

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Vampire Weekend Send Toronto’s Sony Centre Into A Frenzy

28 May


On May 16th, Toronto was blessed with clear skies and a cool breeze that kept perspiration at bay. Residents of the city were up in arms about the LCBO strike and you couldn’t walk ten paces without hearing someone grumble something about how the long weekend would be “the worst, EVER” because of this. Those who weren’t voicing their discontent at lack of alcohol were laughing at Rob Ford’s latest in a long string of miscues (He has more in common with the late Amy Winehouse than he lets on).

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Xbox One Reveal

22 May

Microsoft revealed their new system the Xbox One in a press conference in London on Tuesday. Focusing on their campaign to make the Xbox One the “center of the living room” Microsoft didn’t mention any games during the first twenty minutes of the conference. UK marketing director Harvey Eagle revealed that the system would be packaged with the new 1080p Xbox Kinect and that the Kinect would be required to play the console, however the new Xbox will not require an always-on internet connection. According to the press conference the Kinect will recognize players’ faces and voices and customize the dashboard to fit user history.

It was also revealed that Xbox One owners would be able to watch live and recorded television on their console through their cable or satellite subscription, as well as an exclusive partnership with the NFL that will give users live updates to their fantasy football team and allow them interact with others via Skype. In a promotional video released on Tuesday, Microsoft executives spoke about the specs of the Xbox One including the fact that the console runs on three different operating systems, one to control gaming, one for web based entertainment, and a third responsible for controlling the base software in the console. Executives also mentioned the inclusion of Xbox smart glass in the new system, which will let users pair their tablet or smartphone with their console.

Microsoft also previewed a few titles for the Xbox One, including Call of Duty: Ghost, Forza 5, and Quantum Break. EA Sports had their own portion of the press conference where they showed of the new graphics, movement, and environment in their new engine, EA Sports ignite. EA showed off their games, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC.

You can watch the entire press conference here: http://www.heavy.com/games/2013/05/xbox-press-conference-2013-live-stream-video-event/

Kanye West Premiers New Song ‘New Slaves’ in 6 Different Cities

17 May

Kanye, never shy of his creativity, presents his new song by projecting his face across different buildings in 66 cities across the globe. The cities include: Los Angeles, Toronto (CAN), Miami, Berlin (GER), San Fransico, and his hometown of Chicago. Check some of the footage below!

New Music: Bookfiend – Clams Casino (Feat. DOOM)

29 Apr


Clams Casino decided to just casually tweet this new track featuring MF Doom. Check what 2 very distinctive and unique artists came up with below!