The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 4

30 Mar

In the fourth segment of TBMYNH, I am focusing on a YouTube drummer that has blown me away with his raw talent. His name is Cobus Potgieter and he is from Humansdrop, South Africa. Cobus uploaded his first YouTube video over four years ago and it has reached over 600,000 views, despite being just a quick drum solo. Cobus has gone through long hair and short hair phases during his career on YouTube and he is notable for his sweat bands that he wears around his arms while making awesome music on the drums.  EDITORS NOTE: THAT WAS PROBABLY THE GREATEST SINGLE SENTENCE EVER WRITTEN ON THIS SITE.

I first heard of Cobus from a friend last year and immediately subscribed to his channel. His ability to make drumming look so easy to anyone watching his videos is incredible. Obviously, you can see that he has put tons of time and effort into his drumming to get to the level that he is at, but it is still very impressive. Over the past four years, Cobus has been able to attain endorsements from UDRUM, DW Pedals and Hardware, and TRX Cymbals just from drumming on YouTube. The first song that I listened to by Cobus was “Pop” by NSYNC. It was great to hear a drum cover of a song that I grew up listening to, and the fact that it was so well done gave me an instant hunger to hear more from Cobus.

Cobus has covered such a wide range of music over the past four years that almost anyone can find a drum cover by Cobus over a song that they love. His top five most viewed cover videos are “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold, “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “Umbrella” by Vanilla Sky, “Pop” by NSYNC, and “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson. Cobus has the ability to take an already great song, and introduce a drum element, while still maintaining the songs’ original integrity. Sometimes while watching his videos I ask myself, “How did he make the drums sound so good with this song?” Cobus is just that impressive.

The two things that I really enjoy about Cobus is the fact that: 1) he is still humble even with his amazing talent and, 2) that he tries to share his talent with others. Cobus knows that he is a phenomenal drummer, but he doesn’t boast about his ability; instead he just shows how great he is through his videos. You can tell he is a really down to earth guy, and loves to make drum covers because he truly enjoys the songs that he gets to cover. Along with his drum covers, he also posts videos that are instructional for any drummers that want to get better. If I was an up-and-coming drummer, getting lessons from a professional would probably out of my price range. With Cobus’ instructional videos, you can get great drumming lessons for free, from a guy that really knows what he is doing. Who could turn down such an offer?

Cobus Potgieter is a name that you need to know about because he has exploded onto the scene, and has gotten great feedback from the YouTube community. Cobus has set himself up to be very successful for years to come, because of his talent and his character. So, now I present to you his wonderful cover of “Careful” by Paramore so that you can judge his talent for yourself…

If you want to know anymore information about Cobus Potgieter, check out these links below:

YouTube Page:

2nd YouTube Page:

Personal Website:

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