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UFC Fighter Alistair Overeem Addresses Doping Charges

30 Jan

Click here to read/download the full text of Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity

Just days before his return to the UFC, heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem has released a shocking exposé entitled Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity, in which he addresses his suspension from fighting and describes the underground world of performance-enhancement for elite athletes. Overeem was suspended last April for failing a drug test due to elevated testosterone levels and is scheduled to return to fighting at UFC on Saturday, February 2nd. Continue reading

Chelsea FC is an Oligarchy

12 May

After a tumultuous season that involved a mid-season sacking of another promising manager who had failed to connect with the geezers on the starting squad, Chelsea have managed to turn their season around with interim boss, Roberto Di Matteo, at the helm. The man led the aging players to FA cup glory this past Sunday and has led them to the Champions League final, which they’ve never won. The funny thing is, the man’s fate is yet to be decided upon by the tyrannic club owner, Roman Abramovich. Continue reading

Brooklyn Nets “Hello Brooklyn” Promo Ad

1 May


B*tch behave, just might let you met ‘Ye, Chi Town’s D.Rose, I’m Movin’ the Nets to BK – Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter.

Oh, you thought it was just a rap line? Continue reading

UFC Star Alistair Overeem Responds to Doping Charges

10 Apr

In response to the recent announcement of his failed drug test, Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem has released a shocking 35-page exposé entitled Reaching The Pinnacle of Humanity, detailing the underground world of performance-enhancement for elite athletes.

[UPDATE: the full memo can now be downloaded here.]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly Draft Choices of the Washington Redskins

21 Mar

Most members of Sibat Media live in the DMV area and year after year, the Washington Redskins constantly let us down. In the past ten years, the Redskins have had two winning seasons (10-6 in 2005 and 9-7 in 2007) and in both of those seasons we lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. So, what is it that makes the Washington Redskins so terrible…their drafting.

This is a very obvious issue as a Washington Redskins fan. Daniel Synder, regardless if you like the man or not, does not know how to run a team. In the past ten years, there are terrible first-round draft picks along with no first-round draft picks at all and some great draft picks. Let us break it down year by year:


Rod Gardner- After four seasons with the Redskins, he was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth-round draft pick. Gardner had 227 receptions for 2,997 yards over those four years to give him 13.2 yards a catch…pretty awesome.

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NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

17 Apr

I’m back to preview all 8 NBA playoffs series. A few days ago I broke down the NHL playoffs, and the NBA playoffs are starting up as well, so get excited!!! Continue reading

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (Round 1)

11 Apr

It the most wonderful time of the year! No it’s not Christmas. The NHL/NBA playoffs are starting and I’m back to break down all 16 series that will go on in the first round, staring with the NHL. Continue reading