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Vampire Weekend Send Toronto’s Sony Centre Into A Frenzy

28 May


On May 16th, Toronto was blessed with clear skies and a cool breeze that kept perspiration at bay. Residents of the city were up in arms about the LCBO strike and you couldn’t walk ten paces without hearing someone grumble something about how the long weekend would be “the worst, EVER” because of this. Those who weren’t voicing their discontent at lack of alcohol were laughing at Rob Ford’s latest in a long string of miscues (He has more in common with the late Amy Winehouse than he lets on).

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Love Advice From ‘Girls’

15 Feb

(Note: Originally published in The Silhouette on Valentine’s Day)

It’s pretty easy to hate Lena Dunham’s breakout show, Girls. Some have said the show depicts a lazy, self-indulgent generation who have no clue how to act as functioning members of society. Lena herself has been slandered by the media for coming across as entitled and failing to write a wider array of ethnicities into the show. It is as if critics can’t separate Lena’s character, Hannah, from herself. That in itself is a testament to why the show has garnered so much acclaim; it’s real, almost painfully so at times. Each week’s episode is akin to watching the cast take a 30-minute crash course on life, love and friendship, which often become indistinguishable and leads to disastrous results.

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A Blissful Afternoon Spent with Anthony Burgess’ Original Manuscript for ‘A Clockwork Orange’

7 Dec

Hamilton, ON

It’s been 50 years since the publication of Anthony Burgess’ cult classic, ‘A Clockwork Orange’.  I’ve always been a huge fan of both the book and Kubrick’s film adaption and naturally, I was shocked to recently hear that my school, McMaster University, has had the original manuscript in its archives since 1967. They bought it at the time for a mere $250. To add some perspective, a first edition of the book recently fetched $15,000. Rather giddily, I went to check it out.

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Grizzly Bear Brings Vibes to Massey Hall

8 Oct

Toronto, ON

It was a Wednesday night and the vibes were infinite. Scores of fans had gathered outside the famed Massey Hall in order to catch the indie heavyweights, Grizzly Bear. 

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Beirut Conquer Toronto’s Sound Academy

22 Jul

Toronto, ON

It’s been six years since Zach Condon released his debut solo LP, Gulag Orkestrar, under the moniker of Beirut and introduced the indie crowd to his nuanced spin on traditional Balkan brass music. In the meantime, Condon  has acquired a damned good band to back his lilting vocals and experimented with different influences including Mexican funeral bands, electronic music,  and the French pop and chanson he grew to love while living in Paris. Two albums and a smattering of EP’s later, the lively Brooklyn-based band is still touring behind last year’s The Rip Tide. Thursday night found them in Toronto’s much-maligned Sound Academy.

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Stars Announce New Record and Release Single

23 Jun

If you’re a fan of one of Montreal’s dearest indie groups, Stars, you have a new record to look forward to come September 4th. Hit the jump to check out the tracklist and listen to the new single, “The Theory of Relativity”.

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Review: ‘WZRD’

12 Mar

With the media so ready to scourge artists who stray from their preordained genre, taking a chance with an entirely foreign instrument is similar to ratifying one’s own execution warrant.  Continue Reading This Post