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Summer Style in DC

10 Sep


As we enjoy the final days of summer, we would like to share with you a recent project from our very own Mr. Kyle Jiron. Bringing a unique approach to a historic city, he was able to capture the beauty of Washington D.C. in a way that even residents – who long ago grew acclimated and bored with the monuments – can appreciate. Continue reading

Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar

12 Mar


The US April 2012 Harper’s Bazaar features everyone’s favorite Angel, Miranda Kerr. [Complex]
Continue reading

This Week In Links: Part 2

2 Aug
In the follow-up to Part 1, we will take a look at the latest and greatest in Photography, Fashion, and the culmination of their combination: Modeling.

Ashton Worthington shows that photography is more than snapping pictures.
Joscha Kistner has gone from apprentice to master of his craft.
Emotion and energy of the Japanese warrior as captured by Aries Mulung.
Photographer/Designer duo Aleksey&Marina create beautiful art together.


Moschino gives us an colorful sneak preview of next year.
Run Feel like Michael Johnson with these Gold Nike Air Max ’97’s.
Michael Drake offers his guide to the Gentleman’s Wardrobe.
Daniel Widrig puts his own spin on clothing at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Dimitris Skoulos depicts a lovely summer afternoon for Elle Greece.
Scarlett Johansson continues her run as the face of Dolce & Gabbana.
The ZANEROBE 2011 lookbook has Terry Richardson written all over it.
Photographer Farrokh Chothia goes tropical for Elle India.
The notorious Jeremy Scott brings addidas Originals to life.
Get ready for the winter with timeless yet modern pieces from Juliette Hogan.
Surprisingly stunning shoot for Talbot’s 2010 Holliday Collection.
Madonna gets photoshopped campaigns for D&G.
Beautiful Badass Woman of the Week: Milla Jovovich.
Kennedy Family photographer Mark Shaw, circa 1950’s.

Kicks & Chicks: Underwear & Infrareds

21 Jul

I’ve always been a fan of the old Air Max III’s, and this re-release is no exception. Set to arrive on July 24th, sneaker heads everywhere have been looking forward to this one. The folks over at Primitive have put together a nice little package to go along with the shoes, and to top it all off, they did a photoshoot/interview with beautiful Filipina model, Justene Jaro. Keep reading below for more pictures, the interview, and video…

[Primitive] What’s your full name? 
Justene Jaro: Justene Ashley Costelo Jaro.

Where were you born?
Justene: I was born in Tacloban, Philippines, on a small island called Leyte. I have yet to meet anyone from there who isn’t related to me.

What ethnicity are you?
Justene: I’m Half Filipina, and my mom’s Boricua, Mestisa!

How did you get into modeling?
Justene: My own personal vanity got me taking pics, but the import car world is what first embraced me with open arms.

Not only do you have a gorgeous face, but you also possess a frame that breaks necks. What kind of measurements are you working with?
Justene: 36C, sometimes 36D depending on my weight, -25-37

Drink of choice?
Justene: Baby, if it contains liquor, I’ll sip it!

What’s the best Halloween costume you ever had?
Justene: When I was 4 my mom dressed me as a devil, and as an adult I’ve turned into one.

Have you ever dated a skateboarder?
Justene: Yes! I don’t kiss and tell though.

Do you cook well?
Justene: I can microwave a Lean Cuisine or Cup Of Noodles like no other.

Do you have any other special talents?
Justene: Is hoola hooping a special talent?

What keeps you in California?

Justene: The weather! Plus, there’s so many things to keep me occupied.

If you could date any celebrity (past or present), who would it be and why?
Justene: Mariah Carey. I’d steal her from the loser she’s with now!
One of the images from the shoot turned out so good, we may use it as a t-shirt graphic. How’s that grab ya’?
Justene: Awww man, I’m so excited! Would it be lame for me to wear me?
What magazines or videos can we find you in?
Justene: Hmmmm, plenty… I plan to take over the world.

What’s your favorite pair of heels?
Justene: Anything TALL. I’m 5’5, but when I wear tall shoes I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be, in the air!

What’s your favorite pair of sneakers?
Justene: Air Max 90’s. Duhhhh! (laughs)

What’s an average day Justene outfit?
Justene: Wife beater, jeans, or spandex… And my hair in a bun. I’m a lazy chick.

What’s a “night out on the town” Justene outfit look like?
Justene: Hot, but I try not to be too scandolous looking. My style is getting a bit more “grown.”

What’s an ideal date night like?
Justene: Drinks and lots of laughing. I can sit around all day with someone.  As long as I’m giggling, I’m good!

Any last words?
Justene: Thank you ever so much for having me! To everyone else, be nice to animals!