iPhone 5 Rumors

2 Sep

The release date for the iPhone 5 has been set for September 2011. Initially, rumors were circulating around the web that the phone could be released as early as June/July 2011 but the planned date of September seems to be what is now set in stone. All types of rumors about the phone itself have also been spreading around, but none of these rumors have been confirmed by Apple, but they haven’t been denied either. So, to make this post fitting, here are 5 rumors that look interesting enough to talk about and hope for as an avid iPhone 3GS user myself:

1) Upgrade in the Camera

– The current iPhone supports a 5 megapixel camera, but it looks as if the iPhone 5 will support an 8 megapixel camera. While the change is not very substantial, it is still a part of the phone that is very convenient for quality pictures to show family/friends, and now those pictures will have  a higher quality and look clearer. Rumors have it that Sony could be the new supplier of the new camera, because Omnivision who is the current supplier of the cameras for iPhones is having some trouble producing an upgraded camera device. Some speculations have even said that it could be a 12 megapixel camera, but I believe that to be wishful thinking, but I would love to see it at the same time.

2) Larger Screen

– I really wish that this rumor is true, because newer smart phones are beginning to make the touch screen of the iPhone look tiny in comparison. Again, the change is not substantial, but an increase in the size of the screen would make life easier for the user. The current display is 3.5 inches and it looks as if the rumors are pointing to a screen that would be around 4 inches or greater in size. The size of most smartphones in the market is around 4-5 inches, mainly because this is the perfect size where the phone is still considered a handheld device and not a tablet. Also, the screen is said to be shatter resistant and scratch resistant.

3) Face Recognition

– This seems like it will be a really awesome feature for the iPhone 5. On the previous versions of the iPhone, the user had to use a four digit password to protect the phone from being used by people who weren’t granted access. Now, rumor has it that the iPhone will recognize the face of the user in order to allow the user to access to the phone’s data. A pretty neat addition if I say so myself.

4) Storage Space

– The iPhone has been using 16GB and 32GB models ever since they have been placed on the market. There has been speculation that Apple has decided to up the storage space so that the smallest model is now a 32 GB and the consumer is able to purchase the larger model with up to 64 GB of space. This means that there will be tons of room for music, apps, etc.

5) Full Voice Control

– Apple has partnered with Nuance, a company that has produced dictation software, and it could be likely that dictation software could be used on the iPhone 5. This would give the user the ability to speak out your text messages, e-mails, etc. instead of typing them out. While the feature is not necessary to the phone, it is still legit knowing that you have this option available at your disposal.

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