The State of the Basketball World

20 Feb

Ok so I’m a huge basketball fan. I love playing the sport and I love watching my favorite collegiate and professional teams play. So I would like to pose the following question: Which one is better, college or pro basketball? Hit the jump for the final verdict…

I think we can all agree on the major reason many people prefer college basketball over the NBA. In college, players will give it their all every night. They play hard nose defense and they seem to be more into the game than professionals. Remember, these guys aren’t paid a single dime but they will bring it. A lot of this has to do with the coaching. In college there is so much more coaching involved which is good if you love basketball fundamentals. The coaches have to design many set plays and establish an identity for their team.  Also if you’re a fan a loud crowds, college is the way to go. Everyone loves the student section. The students have the ability to bring their team back with their noise and their passion. They also will try to get into the other teams heads, especially if that team is a heated rival which is another reason why people watch. The storied rivalries make college basketball fun to watch. You have players who will play extra hard. The universities hate each other. The coaches will get the best out of their players. How can you not like that? Next, teams are constantly changing which keeps things fresh. Players can only play for a maximum of four years and in most cases they play less than that. This helps out with parity.  Finally we have March Madness, the best playoff in all of American sports. 64 teams, one game to prove yourself, upsets galore, the final four, this is why college basketball is so exciting.

When you watch professional basketball, you are watching the best basketball players in the world compete at the highest level. These guys have freakishly good athletic skills and are the very best at what they do. Everything seems so fluid and natural. Some of the plays they pull off are just extraordinary. Everyone loves the slam dunk. Besides the two points it puts up on the scoreboard, It brings the crowd to their feet, pumps up the players, and it could be a momentum changer. The buzzer beaters are also really fun to see. There is potential for a buzzer beater every night and there is usually one every week. Finally I got to mention the playoff system. In the NBA’s current playoff system, the best team is guaranteed to win. This is because a 7-game series is played. Watching an entire series can be so much fun. It’s so interesting to see how coaches change their game plan for the same team, see how players change their offensive or defensive scheme, and if there was an altercation in the previous game, how will the players respond to it the next game. Also I have to mention game 7. This is the holy grail of professional sports. Former Bull/Spur Steve Kerr said

“What does a Game 7 feel like? You can’t sleep, you can’t eat and you don’t want to talk to anyone – and that’s if you’re a fan. When you’re a player, it’s 10 times worse. Your heart is in your stomach for two days. You’re about as delightful to be around as Mike Tyson. The weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders – even if you’re the 10th man on the roster. “

Do you need any more explanation of a game 7 than that? The NBA is a very exciting league that many people enjoy and this is why others prefer to watch professional basketball than college basketball.

There are a lot of negatives that are associated with the different levels of basketball too. First with college many people don’t like how Selection Sunday is done. They feel like their team was snubbed out of the big dance and this actually happens a lot. Also numerous people including myself absolutely detest conference tournaments. I feel like that the regular season champion should get an automatic bid into the tournament. Also officiating is extremely poor in these tournaments. My theory is that this is intentional so that conferences can get as many of its bubble teams into the big dance and so that their better teams have the best chance at a number 1 seed in the NCAA tourney. *cough* duke *cough*. I hope my editor doesn’t edit that part out haha. Finally, before I mentioned about playing only playing for a few years. Even though this is David Stern and the NBA’s fault, many good college basketball players are leaving college after one year to play in the NBA. They don’t have the time to mature their games and develop more skills before they go professionally. Fans don’t get a change to know them and their game too well. This has got to change if college basketball wants more fans.

One of the main reasons people don’t like the NBA is because the players don’t seem to play hard and many players complain when they have to play defense. This has been one of the main problems in the NBA and will continue to be a problem in the future. The officiating is also not up to par in the NBA. Traveling is seldom called and stars get away with it on a regular basis. Also some believe that the playoff system drags on forever and forever. It does go on for two whole months. You also have the prima donnas in this league that crave for attention. LeBron is one of those people and some people just don’t like that. Finally some people just don’t like the fact that these athletes are multi-millionaires and they don’t play as hard as college basketball players. This is the biggest knock on the NBA.

Basketball is really exciting to watch. Personally I’m more of an NBA fan because there are fewer teams to follow than in college but the Maryland Terrapins are my favorite team out of any league so I still love some parts of college basketball. With this being prime basketball season, it will be interesting to see how these seasons play out.

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