UFC Fighter Alistair Overeem Addresses Doping Charges

30 Jan

Click here to read/download the full text of Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity

Just days before his return to the UFC, heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem has released a shocking exposé entitled Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity, in which he addresses his suspension from fighting and describes the underground world of performance-enhancement for elite athletes. Overeem was suspended last April for failing a drug test due to elevated testosterone levels and is scheduled to return to fighting at UFC on Saturday, February 2nd.

overeem whtClick here to read/download Alistair Overeem’s exposé:

Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity.

After refusing to comment throughout the duration of his nine month suspension, Overeem broke the silence with the unexpected release of his book. In the document, Overeem claims to have enrolled in top-secret programs run by his native Dutch government and several other national governments around the world.

When we finally reached our rendezvous with President Jintao, I could sense an aura of excitement emanating from my escorts. They had clearly been hiding something important from me. Taking a seat at the head of a long mahogany conference table, President Jintao began to describe to me a program that was much more than just a new lifting regimen: it was a revolutionary approach to the human body.

– Alistair Overeem, excerpt from Reaching The Pinnacle of Humanity

overeem beltsLater, while describing some of the other programs he joined in various countries, he also touches upon the subject of his massive weight gains. Some fans, and even other fighters, have questioned the alarming rate at which he is able to add muscle weight, and some have even suggested that he must be using steroids. Overeem himself seems to have seen the bulking up as an inevitable step in his career as a fighter.

It had taken me 3 years to put on 20 pounds of muscle, but I knew that it was not enough.

– Alistair Overeem, excerpt from Reaching The Pinnacle of Humanity

As one of the most popular rising stars of the UFC, many believe that Overeem is simply attempting create controversy in order to gain attention and promote his fight.  There is no word yet on when Overeem will appear on Oprah.

Overeem’s scheduled opponent, Antonio Silva, could not be reached for comment. However, UFC President Dana White seemed stunned upon hearing the news.

Again? Shit.

– Dana White, UFC President

Click here to read/download Alistair Overeem’s exposé:

Reaching the Pinnacle of Humanity.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Tomislav Milos, Alejandro Watson, Kwame Ismail, and Jarrett Kealey for their contributions to this article. 

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  1. Anonymous 30 January 2013 at 21:29 #

    In the good old days, children like you were left to perish on windswept craigs.

  2. Anonymous 30 January 2013 at 23:26 #

    Dope write-up. Crazy shit

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