This Week In Links: Part 1

31 Jul

It has been an amazing week in the world of art, for everything from graffiti to photography. In fact, there’s been so much going on, that we can’t flood you with it all at once. First up, what’s new in graffiti, design, photography, and more…

Russian local legend Sy demonstates his unique 8-Bit Graffiti.
LRG commisions Chicagoan artist Pose for a mural in their offices. 
Banksy leaves his mark on Detroit.

3D graffiti from Graffiti Technica may be a sign of what’s to come.

Parisian designer Henri Labourdette gives the classic 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III “Vutotal” Cabriolet a majestic makeover.
Scottish brewery BrewDog is selling beer packaged in dead animals.
BYU students build the ultimate chick-magnet: a motorized couch
That’s not a photograph; that’s Roberto Bernardi blowing your mind.
Ansel Adams’ photos found at a garage sale turn out to be worth $200 million.
Photographer Samer Farha recorded his travels around the world.


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