7 Aug

Conrad Roset. Women. Bright Colors. Enough Said.

In an astonishing marriage of surrealism, realism, abstract, and oil paint, Victor Rodriguez is BLOWING MY MIND.
Fantastic double entendre logos. Beautiful design PLUS practicality.

“Solo! Hay lapa no ya, Solo!” Adidas put out a Star Wars collection, my favorite shoe is the one modeled after my man JABBA.
We’re Hunting YETIS! Nonnative’s “different”camapign video for their A/W collection.
Take a ride on a Bus reminiscent of Ms. Frazzle’s in the Pull & Bear A/W Campaign Video.
Ever wanted to watch every lightsaber ignition in the Sar Wars movies in chronological order?!? I THOUGHT SO!
In other Star Wars related news, Rocky Balboa auditioned to be Han Solo!
So the “Housewives of DC” finally premiered. In other news here’s a link to paint drying, it’s more interesting.
Pandas can escape a jail cell, can you? (No)


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