This Week In Links

23 Jul
My friends, I hope you are enjoying your time here. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. I give to you my heart and soul… Are you not entertained!?

Feast Your Eyes On This
Cliche Rap

Twitter Time-Lapse Shows America’s Mood
Steve Carell & Paul Rudd Mock LeBron James’ Show “The Decision
Terry Richardson Photographs Kanye West & Amber Rose [picture]
Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge: Mel Gibson [picture]

Absorb This Knowledge
15 Things You Didn’t Know About “Office Space”
By the Numbers: How the Digital Revolution Changed Our World
Investigation of the Top Secret Network of the U.S. Government
300 Year-Old Ship Found Under the World Trade Center Rubble

Concept Design of the Day : Chopper Scooter
Wiki Page of the Day: List of Misconceptions
Name Fail: The Official Site of Pen Island = not to be confused with
Can Your Baby Get Pregnant if You Have Sex While Pregnant?
All These Sunglasses Brands Made By One Company

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