Tycho’s Top Five

7 Jul
I would like to introduce a new recurring segment to our blog, Tycho’s Top Five. No restrictions, just 5 new things I find interesting or entertaining, and I hope you will too. Let me know if you like it!

Apple just opened an impressive new retail store in Paris, France. Not surprisingly, the design is gorgeous. But why can’t they make them this nice in America? Check out more pictures here.

Some bad news for all my fellow James-Bond-in-the-form-of-Daniel-Craig fans. Earlier this week, MGM announced that they have indefinitely suspended development of James Bond 23, which was originally supposed to be release this year. Let’s hope another studio decides to pick it up! Thanks to Celebuzz for the heads up.

If you haven’t seen the “iPhone 4 vs. EVO 4G” animated videos yet, you’ve been missing out. No matter if you’re an Apple fan or hater, they are simply hilarious (watch here). As it turned out, they were created by a 25-year-old Best Buy employee, who has been under investigation by his employer for “…openly disparaging our employees, our customers and our vendor partners.” Looks like they have cleared him of any wrongdoing and invited him back to work this week, but should he go back? What would you do?

Meet the World’s New Fastest Car: the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Not only is it unmatched on the track, but it’s smooth aesthetics are some of the best on the market. You can take a detailed tour of the car on the Bugatti website.

Fantastic Fotoshoot of the Day: “The Last Colony” by Andrew McConnel. As a photographer, you know you’re doing something right when your pictures can evoke people’s emotions. This set does just that. The combination of such beautiful modeling, environment, and outstanding lighting really set these pictures on another level. View the rest of the set at The Photography Post.


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