New Release: Daimyo – Quan The Padawan

4 Apr


OSP rapper Quan The Padawan releases his mixtape debut by the name of Daimyo. 


That Time I Met Vampire Weekend

4 Apr

(Note: This article originally appeared in The Silhouette)

Normally, most people develop a healthy liking for a band that stretches from their angst-ridden teenage years to when they’re married with children and no longer make have time to listen to music. In opposition, a select group of fans let their mild affection evolve from a weekend pastime to a deep-rooted infatuation that pervades every waking hour. These members of society have been somewhat derogatorily dubbed fangirls/fanboys.

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The Strokes — ‘Comedown Machine’

31 Mar

For detractors of The Strokes — yes, they seem to come out of the woodwork whenever a new album is released — the jabs about the New York rockers’ latest offering write themselves (i.e. Comedown Machine isn’t a Comeback Machine). But what is perplexing is the number of reviews that neglected the music and turned into savage ad hominem attacks of the Fab Five.

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Justin Timberlake – ‘The 20/20 Experience’

31 Mar

(Note: This review originally appeared in The Silhouette)

Following the enormous success of the FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake fell off the musical map and let his ceaseless ambition guide him down other career avenues. He’s proven his acting chops playing Napster founder Sean Parker in David Fincher’s The Social Network, but only after letting them go to waste on slapstick slop like The Love Guru. Ever the crowd-pleaser, he distanced himself from his boy-band image while performing the highly entertaining History of Rap with Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake seemed to remain in character as Mr. Parker, adopting the same energy he brought to the role of the entrepreneur while recently hosting Saturday Night Live.

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[Video] IFHY – Tyler, The Creator

29 Mar

Tyler drops barbie-like new visuals to the Pharell assisted track ‘IFHY’ off his album ‘Wolf’ which comes out Arpil 2nd. Directed by Wolf Haley, the video features Tyler as a plastic figure and a situation of unrequited love which causes things to get a little weird. Love this video!

Tame Impala Take The Kool Haus On A Psychedelic Bender

14 Mar

(Note: Originally appeared in The Silhouette)

(Photos by Hannah Jor)

Although Toronto’s Kool Haus is better fit for raves than psychedelic rock concerts, the easygoing Aussies that comprise Tame Impala made themselves at home this past Saturday. The quintet of Kevin Parker (vocals/guitar), Jay Watson (synth, vocals), Dominic Simper (guitar/synth), Nick Allbrook (bass) and Julien Barbagglo (drums) displayed an ability to acclimatize that seems beyond their years.

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Love Advice From ‘Girls’

15 Feb

(Note: Originally published in The Silhouette on Valentine’s Day)

It’s pretty easy to hate Lena Dunham’s breakout show, Girls. Some have said the show depicts a lazy, self-indulgent generation who have no clue how to act as functioning members of society. Lena herself has been slandered by the media for coming across as entitled and failing to write a wider array of ethnicities into the show. It is as if critics can’t separate Lena’s character, Hannah, from herself. That in itself is a testament to why the show has garnered so much acclaim; it’s real, almost painfully so at times. Each week’s episode is akin to watching the cast take a 30-minute crash course on life, love and friendship, which often become indistinguishable and leads to disastrous results.

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