When Classics Collide

20 Jul

One of the most dangerous things for an artist to do is to put their hands on a classic. Many times people have tried to remake, update, alter, or improve something considered to be a “classic”, often with the same result: utter failure.

However, every once in a while, someone gets it right. With the right amount of respect for the original work combined with a splash of fresh creativity, the new version can become a classic itself. But this feat is hard to come by, making it even more impressive every time it happens.

Check out these successful remixes:

Dom Pérignon & Andy Warhol
This project by the makers Dom Pérignon was a risky move on both ends. For the first time in their nearly hundred year history, Dom Pérignon will be changing their signature bottle label. Paying tribute to the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol, this limited series is designed after his distinctive style and coloring. If you want one of these beautiful bottles, just make your way to one of the four exclusive outlets carrying them in Spain!
James Hance
A talented painter with a love for everything from Star Wars to the Muppets, James Hance has been creating some outstanding art. Mixing imagery from all over the history of pop culture, Hance displays a great ability to entertain, evoke emotion, and convey feelings… all through paint on a canvas. Take a look at some more of his work here and here.
Nixon Highball

Although watchmaker Nixon may not yet qualify as a “classic” brand, they are certainly headed in the right direction. Their high quality and smooth design have made them a favorite brand among extreme sport athletes, most notably Tony Hawk. The Highball is their take on the classic pocket-watch, incorporating modern design while keeping the old school feel. If you have a couple hundred bucks and don’t know what to do with it, this wouldn’t be a bad way to spend it. Check it out on their website.

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