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Vampire Weekend Send Toronto’s Sony Centre Into A Frenzy

28 May


On May 16th, Toronto was blessed with clear skies and a cool breeze that kept perspiration at bay. Residents of the city were up in arms about the LCBO strike and you couldn’t walk ten paces without hearing someone grumble something about how the long weekend would be “the worst, EVER” because of this. Those who weren’t voicing their discontent at lack of alcohol were laughing at Rob Ford’s latest in a long string of miscues (He has more in common with the late Amy Winehouse than he lets on).

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That Time I Met Vampire Weekend

4 Apr

(Note: This article originally appeared in The Silhouette)

Normally, most people develop a healthy liking for a band that stretches from their angst-ridden teenage years to when they’re married with children and no longer make have time to listen to music. In opposition, a select group of fans let their mild affection evolve from a weekend pastime to a deep-rooted infatuation that pervades every waking hour. These members of society have been somewhat derogatorily dubbed fangirls/fanboys.

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Tame Impala Take The Kool Haus On A Psychedelic Bender

14 Mar

(Note: Originally appeared in The Silhouette)

(Photos by Hannah Jor)

Although Toronto’s Kool Haus is better fit for raves than psychedelic rock concerts, the easygoing Aussies that comprise Tame Impala made themselves at home this past Saturday. The quintet of Kevin Parker (vocals/guitar), Jay Watson (synth, vocals), Dominic Simper (guitar/synth), Nick Allbrook (bass) and Julien Barbagglo (drums) displayed an ability to acclimatize that seems beyond their years.

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Review: Local Natives – “Hummingbird”

13 Feb

In the bleak throes of a Canadian winter, it’s always a pleasure to have an album that acts as a pseudo-blanket while it quells your anxieties and warms your heart. After sitting with Local Natives’ stunning new record Hummingbird for over two weeks, I can safely say that those who listen to it will derive comfort from it in the same way that Linus did from his treasured blue blanket.

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Japandroids Spark Fire In Toronto

2 Jan

Brian King and David Prowse

Toronto, ON

Canadian (!!!!!) duo Japandroids’ second record, the glorious Celebration Rock, begins and ends with fireworks. Literally. To think the lovechild of Brian King and David Prowse almost didn’t happen hurts; such is the impact the exuberant songs have made on today’s youth, or simply those mourning a loss of it. This isn’t the Vancouver two-piece’s first time around the block.  Forming in ’06, they broke out as a must-see band in the west coast city’s music scene and almost called it quits before releasing their brilliantly-titled debut, Post-Nothing. Following a tour cut short by a health scare, the band took time off as the noise surrounding their jubliant debut built to a climax after Pitchfork featured their song, ‘Young Hearts Spark Fire’, in the coveted Best New Track spot. Recovered and set to begin work on the critical follow-up, they were frustrated by a lack of progress in their home city so they packed their bags and headed to Nashville for a change of scenery. It worked and the rest is history…

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Beach House Roll Through Kool Haus

31 Oct

Toronto, ON

It’s been over two weeks since Beach House absolutely crushed the Kool Haus, so the fact that I’m only writing about that show now means I’m a lazy asshole.

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Grizzly Bear Brings Vibes to Massey Hall

8 Oct

Toronto, ON

It was a Wednesday night and the vibes were infinite. Scores of fans had gathered outside the famed Massey Hall in order to catch the indie heavyweights, Grizzly Bear. 

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