Mini Review: Drag Me To Hell

16 Sep
Drag Me To Hell (2009)
1) Synopsis
Christine Brown fucks with the wrong creepy old lady.
2) Was it a positive experience?
VERY positive. If you’re a fan of Sam Raimi or any Horror movies that aren’t really Horror movies, but are more like comedies, this is a must see.
3) Technically any good?
Technically decent, my favorite scene in the movie consists CGI and a handkerchief, let your brain try and digest that.
4) How did it leave you feeling after?
Like I wanted to watch through the Evil Dead series
5) Would you go through that again?
“Hell” yeah! (see what I did there? The name of the movie is Drag Me to HELL, and my response to this question was HELL. Goddamnit I’m funny, sometimes I cant handle my own hilarity.)
6) how many stars? (1-5)

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