[Video] Outro Flow – D Pryde

23 Aug

For those that don’t know D Pryde, he is a Drake inspired rapper, actor, and YouTube sensation coming out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His buzz went from his room to his neighbourhood, and by pure word of mouth all the way to Australia and back. I’ve been watching him since his videos with his NHB family when he had songs like ‘Keep On Keeping On’ and he’s really accomplished a lot since then by getting recognized on radios across America, a Drake co-sign, getting on Vibe Magazines online page, and now getting a video directed by the great Rik Cordero. Coming from the Greater Toronto Area, I can say that I’m proud of this dude and his accomplishments. See the video below.

Rik Cordero has funny but amazing way of sticking an entire movie into a four minute music video. Never mind the awkward outro of randoms on that TV. Everything in this song is real. Even the bullies that actually tried to jump him for his Blackberry. I know right? Anyways, for more on D Pryde you can visit his official website.┬áHe’s touring with J. Cole as well, and the tour dates are posted up there.

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