OVOXO 2011: My Top 10 Expected Surprise Guests

30 Jul

Toronto’s most anticipated hip hop festival, October’s Very Own is coming real soon, and I’m damn excited! I can’t stop thinking and guessing who’s going to come as surprise guests, so I decided to put together a realistic list of the 10 artists that I expect. We can obviously expect that I’m On One will be performed along with Rick Ross, and I’m really hoping that The Weeknd will perform High For This and Wicked Games sometime during their set.

10. Kardinal Offishal

Who’s more of an OG Toronto Hip Hop icon than Kardi? He graced the stage last year, and I don’t see why he shouldn’t again this year. I’ve seen him perform before and his energy is terrific.

9. P Reign

Another well-respected Toronto artist, who has collaborated with Drake in the past. He was an opening performer last year, and he tweeted something about being at a rehearsal for the show.

8. Shaun Boothe

Yet another Toronto artist that has a growing buzz about him recently with the release of his new video, Let Me Go.

7. Lil Wayne/YM

He made an appearance last year, and will be in Toronto along with Young Money for Caribana Festival performances.

6. Trey Songz

Trey is a frequent collaborator with Drake, and was absent from last years show. They have a few releases out now, and since he wasn’t at OVO last year, I’m expecting him this year.

5. Big Sean

Big Sean has had quite the year for a new artist. With his new album Finally Famous doing really well, and his upcoming joint-mixtape with Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa, he’s made a lot of noise and doesn’t look like it will stop. Drake has given Big Sean a lot of respect and the respect was returned. Big Sean showing up is almost unlikely, but I wouldn’t count it out

4. Fabolous

Another OVO veteran performer. With a few solid mixtapes out since last years show, his buzz is definitely respected enough to get on that stage again.

3. Kid Cudi

Cudi is performing at The Molson Ampitheatre the night before OVO, so since he’s in Toronto already, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t just stay another night. Also, he brought out Drake at his show in Toronto at the Kool Haus, so returning the favor isn’t totally out of the question.

2. J Cole

Pretty much the best new generation hip hop artist out right now, J. Cole appearing at OVO would be fantastic. When J. Cole played his last show in Toronto at the Sound Academy, he brought Drake out to perform In The Morning

1. Kanye West

This would my #1 for sure, without a doubt. Jay Z and Eminem showed up at OVO, and there are very few names that could match up along with the two legendary artists. Kanye making an appearance is definitely a little far-fetched, but would for sure make my night.

Let’s hope I’m right!

Some other artists that can possibly be showing up include: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Bun B, and Young Jeezy. This should be one show to remember!

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