The Tool to Fix

9 Apr is one of the most popular lifestyle websites on the Internets, but one thing really sets it apart from the competition: Lists. They have developed a reputation for compiling funny, controversial, and interesting lists, covering everything from Irish Women to Robots to Kanye’s Leather Pants. However, there is one problem with their lists: in order to view the entire list, you must click through 50 pages of slides, or however many items are on the list. Well, luckily for us all, the internets celebrity Rafi decided to fix the problem by creating his own tool. It may take a minute to load, but it’s definitely worth making your life a little less complex.

This is all it takes…

1. Visit his website to grab the tool, and drag it into your bookmarks bar.

2. When you come across a slide show on just click the bookmark, and each slide will be displayed down the page.

3. That’s it! Now just test it out on a list, such as the Top 50 Coolest Movie Robots of All-Time.

One Response to “The Tool to Fix”

  1. brick 29 April 2011 at 15:00 #

    I find the easiest way to make my life ‘less complex’ is to not fuck w/ them at all. #freeEARL

    fuck the whole network.

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