Review: Lil B – Rain in England (Part 1)

24 Mar

Rain In England is a stream of consciousness, question and answer sessions with self, that results in a conversation with God, all caught on tape.

Or is it the Yanni of Rap rambling over ambient vomit on what was supposed to be a Vinyl only release and his first major commercial album?

The answer is the one where we get to hear Lil B pray to God and receive answers from God, covering subject matter such as Birth, Life, Dreams, Love, Windows, Women, Planet Earth, Hell, Business, Hate, Fear, Death, God, and oh… FUCKING EVERYTHING (song #2 is ‘everything’).

Lil B – Rain In England [download]

1. Birth to Life

“Birth is so amazing. Thank the woman for her patience.”

“Knowing you created a soul that relies on your positive outlook, has no knowledge on life tips, could have been lifeless if mom didn’t push through the nightshift.”

Ok, A little bit after this it just gets insane, Lil B is both able to conjure the feelings of the first human beings who didn’t understand why a Woman’s stomach was growing, and take the form of a fetus whose body is still only forming the basic foundation of the bodies that we conscious human beings all know nothing other than.  By now you should be on your own listening path with this one. Next.

2. Everything

This song manages to touch on a lot of things. The idea of Kingdom as it was given to us by the King of Kings. God has everything, because God created everything. A King has everything, but might have nothing if he does not understand the everything that God has given him.

Lil B seems to understand that he has Everything, from God, but wants everything, as a King, and in doing so he feels like he has LOST Everything from God (his soul? heart? mental state?)

I too have lost my everything, and the line where says,

“I’m sitting by the stairs blank stares”

was felt, because I’ve done that.

3. Just Dream

“Dreams are so powerful. I have many dreams, some I want to turn to non-fiction, recurring legendary.”

“I had to gain the courage my dreams dreams further me and i can see what really matters.”

“My brain is a giant forest trees grow in it, and the little circuits got animals in them we in the circus.”

“How do I understand what my motives will lead me to? When I dream I paint a picture.”

“Crayola cerebellum.”

Again, at about the 3 minute mark, he becomes a dreaming person and analyzes in very emotive and intuitive detail the process of sinking into a dream state and sleep. Then at about the 4 minute mark he starts asking questions about Dream Science!! Lil B, motherfucker.

4. Love is Strange

“Fell back on my taxes shows you how much of a real rebel I am. Nothing to brag about, kinda foolish.”


5. My Window Sill

The BasedGod is feeling Agoraphobic today. Its a big scary world, and he would rather just look it out through his window sill. He sees the light.

“My nerves relax with the marijuana/ but in truth I have smoked myself into a coma”

“Dozing off at the though/ that I might have lost/ the single thought/ that meant the most.”

6. All Women

All painters want to paint every woman and Lil B is no different. This song reminds me of my Mom, who is the best person. Heavy emotion.

“Your skin wrinkles cause you’re solid.”

“Gray hair represents knowledge.”

7. Earth’s Medicine

“This is the earth’s medicine.”

Lil B is the Doctor and the Earth is in for a check up. Just Listen. This is the best song on Rain in England, and the reason I decided that this bizarre genre of music was worth paying attention to.

To be continued in Part 2…

It’s All Kid Hum.

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