Eye Controlled Laptop

2 Mar

Yesterday, Tobii Technology, a hardware/software manufacturer out of Stockholm, Sweden, released information on the very first eye-controlled laptop. The laptop has been made in a collaboration with the computer company Lenovo and will be shown to the general public for the first time ever later this week.

The actual release date for the product has not been announced, but Tobii Technology has said that they would like to see it out on the market in the next two years. The laptop allows the user to do simple mouse functions with their eyes such as clicking on an item without using a mouse or scrolling down a page. A keyboard and mouse will still be available on the laptop, but it looks as if the eye control will be the most vital part of the product. There will also be functions such as zooming, auto-dimming, and the option to open new windows. Also, there is said to be computer games that will be made to only play with your eyes on this device.  The two companies have stressed that the laptop could be potentially used by anyone and is also very simple to use. Tobii’s main focus in products has been on devices that analyze eye movements so this is something that the company has already been doing with other products before bringing their technology to the laptop with Lenovo.

Obviously, a product like this wouldn’t be cheap but Tobii believes if they can find the right manufacturer to work with, they can reduce the cost of a product such as this and make it easier for the consumers to purchase a couple of years down the road. Right now, both Tobii and Lenovo have ten of these units available for product testing and it looks as if these will be the only units that will be used for the next few years.

Optical control technology is something that is bound to excite the general public. The fact that I’m even writing about a product like this is a clear indication of just how far technology has progressed throughout my lifetime. Another exciting aspect of this product, is the fact that people who may have disabilities with their hands or have a hard time using a computer will now have an option to be able to use a computer with their eyes instead. I also have a great feeling that over the next two to three years, both of these companies will be working hard to make this laptop a reliable gadget. By 2013-2014 this device should be hitting the market, and I very much look forward to the day I get to test it out.

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