New Music: Mike G & Frank Ocean

19 Feb

With Odd Future Wolf Gang already on a crazy tear this week, members Mike G & Frank Ocean pushed it one step further with their own individual releases.

Mike G, the smooth rhyming emcee, released a collection of his Chopped & Screwed remixes. The mix includes records from Wiz Khalifa, Christina Milian, Lil B, and of course his fellow Wolf Gang team members, notably Tyler’s ‘Yonkers’. On the other end, Frank Ocean followed up a standout performance on the MellowHype track ‘Hell’ with his album nostalgia, ULTRA. Despite being one of the least-known members of Odd Future, he is no less talented, and deserves just as much recognition as every other member of the group. His style might come as a surprise to Odd Future fans who have yet to hear his work, but talent knows no boundaries. Download both albums below:

Mike G – Screwed Up Sundays

Frank Ocean – nostalgia, ULTRA

(click here for Frank Ocean’s lyrics)

One Response to “New Music: Mike G & Frank Ocean”

  1. Meezy 14 March 2011 at 20:02 #

    Let me co-blog please. I’m dope. Check my blog.

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