Odd Future Meets Jimmy Fallon

17 Feb

Odd Future Wolf Gang representatives Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats hit the stage on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, causing quite a stir across the music industry. Hit the jump for the breakdown…

First off, no matter how un-funny Jimmy Fallon is these days, he deserves a lot of respect for bringing an act like Odd Future onto his show. I cannot imagine any other late night show giving them a shot (Carson Daily did bring them onto his show a while back, but never aired the footage). And after two strong performances in Washington D.C. and New York City, this only adds to their exposure and growing hype. With the help of The Roots, Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats delivered a cleaned up but no-less-energetic version of their duet ‘Sandwitches’ on national television. It was only three and a half minutes long, but their appearance was jam-packed with some of the most ridiculous scenes on TV in recent memory. The tweets were buzzing, with “Odd Future”, “Jimmy Fallon”, “Mos Def” and “Golf Wang” each trending at some point, so let’s take a look at what went down:

0:03 – In place of an album cover, Jimmy holds up a computer QR barcode, quite fitting for a group that has gained much of their popularity via the internet.

0:16 – An anonymous voice in the crowd screams “FREE EARL”. Not sure which is more surprising: Odd Future having fans in a Jimmy Fallon audience, or Jimmy Fallon having an audience.

0:28 – Donning his signature green ski mask, Tyler’s notorious line “Who the fuck invited Mr. I Don’t Give A Fuck?” comes out comically as “Who the heck invited Mr. I Don’t Give A What?”, while ?uestlove is vibing out on the drums in the background.

0:37 – The creepy escaped hospital zombie girl makes her first appearance…

0:52 – Hodgy’s calmness & lack of movement is simply chilling… what’s he going to do next? When is he going to explode?

1:27 – Still building up the energy, Tyler screams his lyrics at hospital zombie girl… imagine what the unassuming viewers at home were thinking.

1:31 – MORE TUBA!

1:36 – The moment that every Odd Future fan has been waiting for… the “WOLF GANG” chorus hits, with Tyler & Hodgy going absolutely bezerk.

2:01 – Hodgy’s cleaned up verse is brilliant… “You can ride in hearses, I’m sick in the brain dumb bitch” becomes “You can have a Hershey’s, a kiss on the cheek”

2:10 – Hodgy really comes to life, belting out his rapid fire lyrics

2:22 – Foreshadowing of the gnome


2:41 – Tyler disappears off the screen… we’re left in suspense… where did he go?

2:44 – Camera shoots over to Jimmy’s desk, where Tyler is screaming “GOLF WANG!” inches from his face, runs over to scream at the guests, and then bounds over the couch and back onto stage.

2:55 – At this point, all hell has broken loose. I’m talking Pandora’s Box has been opened. Mr. Garden Gnome is dead, the two have given up on their lyrics in an attempt to destroy everything in sight.

3:03 – Tyler gets bored, and they walk off stage.

3:10 – A puzzled Jimmy Fallon comes up to thank them for their performance, but is left awkwardly pointing, as if to say “Who the fuck were those kids?”

3:20 – Tyler returns to show us his tamer childish side, jumping on Jimmy’s back, nearly crushing the poor skinny man.

3:23 – The bottom half of the gnome that Tyler murdered finds its way into the shot, along with the nerdy white girl uncomfortably laughing in the background

3:36 – Mos Def, what are you doing?

Sadly, it got cut off in this video, but the camera pans back over to Tyler grinding on the same white girl, before quickly cutting away. No better way to end their national television debut.


2 Responses to “Odd Future Meets Jimmy Fallon”

  1. Len Barry 22 February 2011 at 11:22 #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this best synopsis of Odd Future’s performance on the internet. I didn’t watch the episode until last night on my DVR and had to rewind a few times. Then I watched it a few more times on the internet this morning. I don’t think I’ve been this enamored of a recorded TV performance since seeing Sufjan Stevens and his band in butterfly wings on Austin City Limits.

    Fallon having his own show turned me off for the first few months. I think I started watching when Will Ferrell appeared as a demented hairdresser and I haven’t looked back since. Fallon doesn’t quite nail all the comedy he goes for, but he sticks his neck out there. He’s a good heir to the throne of his predecessors, capturing the goofy-ass audience participation vibe of early Letterman and the experimental comedy of early Conan. And his musical guest selection is usually better than the rest of his contemporaries combined.


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