Odd Future Wolf Gang Invades D.C.

15 Feb

The OFWGKTA crew made their first trip to the nation’s capital on Monday night, performing in front of a ferociously energetic crowd at the U Street Music Hall. Hit the jump for a re-cap of the night & selected footage…

After over an hour long delay, Syd The Kid, Damier Genesis, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, The Creator stormed the stage, belting out verses, diving off the stage, and doing the worm across the floor. The crowd’s response was notable, even starting a mosh pit during the laid-back MellowHype song ‘Polyurathane‘. The highlights of the night included a DJ set from Syd to open up the show, and the debut of a new song from Tyler. However, the most moving moment was probably Tyler’s first live performance of his new single ‘Yonkers’, which the crowd knew word-for-word, despite being released only four days prior. And to think that, only a few months ago, certain venues in D.C. wouldn’t book Odd Future because they weren’t sure if anyone would show up.

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