The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 3

8 Feb

This segment of TBMYNH is going to focus on a group that will soon be pop punk giants. Their name is “Four Year Strong” and they are from Worcester, Massachusetts. The band has been around since 2001 and they have numerous songs featuring heavy guitars, badass drums and great vocals to make any fan of the pop punk genre instantly want to go out and break something (not to mention the fact that their beards are the definition of legit). I personally use their music to workout at the gym and it never fails (running on a treadmill and listening to Four Year Strong is as close to heaven as I’ll get). If their music can’t get you pumped up, then there honestly might be something wrong with your ears.

I first heard Four Year Strong two years ago and their awesome song “Bada Bing Wit’ A Pipe” to go along with a pretty funny music video. The lyrics were extremely catchy with lines like “Turn around and cross the line, you so casually walk between function and fashion, are you dressed to kill or dressed to impress? Don’t act like you can do better than this.” and then the mix of guitars and the drums punched me right in the face and I was left begging for more.

I also got the chance to see Four Year Strong play last year live at Recher Theatre in Towson, MD and they lived up to every expectation that I had. When you go to see a band that you enjoy, you always want them to sound exactly like they do on the CD’s but sometimes you are left wishing you didn’t see them live because they don’t sound as good. This is absolutely the opposite with Four Year Strong. They killed it on the guitars during the concert, and the vocals were perfect. Once I left Recher, I just wanted to go and listen to their songs on repeat for the rest of the night, I was in such a great mood.

The band has had three full length albums since forming, but their first album “It’s Our Time” was limited to only 400 copies, so I will focus mainly on their two other full length albums (“Rise or Die Trying” and “Enemy of the World”) and also their cover album (Explains It All).

The second album “Rise or Die Trying” (which might have one of the best album covers I have ever seen) hit #31 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart in 2007 and got great reviews from sites like Allmusic and AbsolutePunk. There is honestly not a bad song on this album and I would say that one of the best things about the band is their ability to be creative with their song names. On this album for example, there are names such as “Abandon Ship or Abandon All Hope” from Pirates of the Caribbean, “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” from The Sandlot, “Wrecked ‘Em, Damn Near Killed ‘Em” from Men in Black II, and “If He’s Here, Who’s Runnin’ Hell?” from National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

The cover album, “Explains It All” is by far one of the best pop punk cover albums out there. The album was released in 2009 and brings back all of the great jams of the 90’s. Songs that are included on this album are “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” by Nine Days, “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, “Roll to Me” by Del Amitri, and “Fly” by Sugar Ray. Who doesn’t want to hear all of their favorite songs growing up turned into absolute jams by guys like Four Year Strong? This is an album that everyone needs to hear.

The third full length album “Enemy of the World” took the awesomeness of “Rise or Die Trying” and took it up to a whole new level (and yet again Four Year Strong came up with an epic album cover). This album was released last year and was slammed with positive reviews. You know that you have a legit band when they make a song called, “It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now” and it is the first single (and a fantastic one at that). Clever titles appear again on “Enemy of the World” with names like “What the Hell is a Gigawatt?” from Back to the Future and “Flannel is the Color of my Energy” which is a reference to “Amber” by 311. Again, this album does not have a bad song on it and can easily be stuck on repeat on my iTunes on any given day.

So now that you know a good amount of information about the next big sensation that is going to hit it huge in the pop punk community, I will now give you the song that perfectly sums up all that is Four Year Strong…”Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Hell”.

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