The Wrong Way to Celebrate MLK Day

17 Jan

Many schools across the country were forced to hold school today, to make up for snow days that they’ve already used. Many people were outraged at what they considered to be a dishonor to the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and refused to send their children to school. I understand their concerns about respecting his legacy, but I am skeptical that any intellectual, let alone Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., would advocate skipping school in their name. That being said, the Board of Education could also smooth over their decision by using the day of class to educate students about MLK’s life, and what he really stood for.

Here’s what the president of the NAACP had to say:

The NAACP on behalf of the African American and minority community is appalled and thoroughly incensed at Peter Gorman’s decision to use the MLK holiday as a snow make up day.  Once again Dr. Gorman has shown total disdain and disrespect for a very significant part of this community.  He continues to demonstrate a blatant deliberate disconnect with the African American Community.

This issue of using Dr. King’s birthday as a snow day was visited in the spring of 2010 at a board meeting and the community showed unanimous support to choose a day other than the King holiday.  There are other work days and Saturdays (which is done in many other counties) that could very easily accommodate CMS’s needs.

Martin Luther King is the only African American in the history of this country being granted a national holiday in his honor because of the horrible and cruel sacrifices African Americans have made in the building of this democracy and in-lieu of the extraordinary personal and humanitarian sacrifices made by Dr. King and others.  We will not sit idle and let you desecrate this day.  We respectfully request that you immediately reconsider and choose another day.

How do you think the situation should be handled?

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