Top 5 Student Sections in ACC Basketball

3 Jan

So ACC conference play starts up in a few weeks. Even though this year the ACC isn’t one of the top conferences it is one of the most fun conferences to watch and their respective universities love their basketball so I’m going to go over some of the best student sections/atmospheres in ACC Basketball.

No. 5 North Carolina

The Dean Dome is where it’s at. It’s constantly sold out for home ACC games, and a tough place to play for opponents. It also helps when you have a great basketball history in Chapel Hill. When you have that kind of winning culture, it correlates with to the energy in a building. The town really loves their basketball and when rival Duke is in town these fans can get pretty rabid. Also at a capacity of 21,750 it is one of the largest arenas in college basketball and the largest in the ACC.

No. 4 NC State

Even though the Wolfpack share the RBC Center with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricane, that doesn’t mean hockey dominates the arena. Even though recent success is hard to find in Raleigh, the history is definitely there and many consider them a top 4 team all-time in the ACC. The students know this and they can get on opponents nerves. Students sit very close to the action and they like to heckle opposing players. Just ask Greivis Vasquez!

No. 3 Virginia Tech

Ok. So we all know Virginia Tech has been, and always will be a football school. Lane Stadium will always be the pride of Blacksburg, but it’s still hard for opponents to win in Cassell Coliseum. Before every game the arena plays “Enter Sandman” by Metallica while the students go absolutely nuts. They love to get creative too. In a game vs. Duke back in 2007 students chanted “Teabag Paulus” when Duke guard Greg Paulus was at the free throw line. This was clearly audible on ESPN:

With the Hokies doing well this season and ACC player of the year candidate Malcolm Delaney leading this team, expect the students to get even louder this season.

No. 2 Maryland

FEAR THE TURTLE!!! The Comcast Center is always loud and electric for basketball. During intros the newspaper pages that signify no respect for the other team come down at full power. Then, before tipoff of every game, students let opposing teams know how they feel about them with a singing of “Hey, You Suck” as the game gets started. During the second half, opposing teams shoot free throws facing a wall of Maryland students and their spinning swirls. If you think that’s harsh, the atmosphere is 100 times fiercer when the Dookies come to College Park. Don’t believe me. Ask Orlando magic guard JJ Redick what his worst college experience was. I’ll bet you he will say playing at Maryland.

No. 1 Duke

As much as I hate to admit it, the Cameron Crazies are probably the best student section in the country. Cameron Indoor Arena has no courtside seating, so the students are extremely close to the action and they love to heckle opposing players. Also, most of the time their chants are kind of funny and witty. Students are even known to camp out for tickets to big games like Maryland or rival North Carolina. In those kinds of ACC games, opposing teams get really frustrated. Unfortunately I witnessed this in a 41 pt loss in Durham back in 2009.  Also some of the records at Cameron are pretty impressive. They have not lost a non-conference home game since 2000, the longest streak in the country.

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