The Best Music You’ve Never Heard: Part 1

21 Dec

I would like to share a few artists with you, people that you may not know about. The first edition of this series is going to start out with two college students, Matthew Nepomuceno and Eric Taft, who are really starting to make a great name for themselves by doing covers on YouTube. I was first exposed to their music by a friend of mine, and as soon as I listened to it I said to myself, “These guys are legit.”. They both currently attend UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and they have been releasing music together for the past five months.The songs that they have covered so far have covered a pretty wide variety of music, but what makes their covers so neat is that the two of them collaborate to make these songs into pop punk jams. They have covered A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, Everywhere by Michelle Branch, It’s Gonna Be Me by NSYNC, All Star by Smash Mouth, Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and My Friends Over You by New Found Glory in those five months.

Also, when watching the videos you can see that both of these guys really enjoy the music that they are making. It’s just two teenagers enjoying the life of a college student and playing songs that they loved to listen to as they grew up in the 90’s.

So, here is a video of their cover of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton (which was their first cover released) and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. If you do enjoy their music and you want to drop them a comment and just give them some positive feedback they have a Facebook page and also a YouTube channel.

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