Random Sports Talk 12/9/10

10 Dec

Lot’s of stuff going on in the world of organized sports, from college football to the NFL & NHL, so let’s get to it.

1) As a Maryland football fan, I have to address this issue. The football Terps who improved their record by 6 wins, won their last game against a ranked team, and finished 3rd in the ACC, were snubbed out of a good bowl game this season. We got the Military Bowl in Washington DC against East Carolina University. Other teams in the ACC like UNC, Miami and Boston College got Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Nevada respectively. I personally wanted Notre Dame because of the notoriety it would have. Notre Dame has one of the best fan bases in college football so a lot of people would tune in. Also it would be a good preview to the ND UMD game next season at Fed-Ex Field. These players worked really hard in order be 8-4 and the NCAA Bowl committee treats them like this. We are going to travel 10 miles south to RFK to play on a Wednesday afternoon. I understand our fan base has been lacking this season but this is absolutely absurd. Hopefully we use this as motivation for next season as we compete for an ACC Championship.

2)  The Patriots are scary good. After their blowout win against the Jets, the pats are 10-2 and rolling in the AFC. If this team continues this good play the rest of the season and they get the number 1 seed, Pats fans should reserve lodging in Dallas, Texas during super bowl weekend. I don’t see the pats losing at home in January. The Ravens did beat them last year but last year the Pats weren’t the same team. Hopefully some team (not named the chargers) can stand up to them and take them down. It will be real tough though.

3) The Capitals are still one of the top teams in the NHL but fans don’t have the same feeling as they did last year. Lately the Caps aren’t playing as well as they usually do and they still have some things to work on. I am here to relieve some anxiety for all the Capital fans out there. It is only December. This team will be fine in March. Semin has been playing really well early on and for all the talk about Ovie not having as good of a season, he is still leading the Caps in points and is 3rd overall in points scored. My only concern is competing with Pittsburgh. The Pens have been tearing it up lately. Sidney Crybaby Crosby is leading the NHL in points by a mile and he has the Pens rolling. If the Caps get back on track soon, it will set up a great Winter Classic on New Year’s Day.

4) Speaking of the Winter Classic, if you’re not familiar with it, it is an outdoor NHL game played on New Year’s Day. I am a huge fan of this game because of hockey’s roots. Many NHLers started playing hockey on frozen ponds in their neighborhood. It’s fun for the players and the fans. I remember watching my first Winter classic in early, early, early 2008. Pens at Sabres at Ralph Wilson Stadium. That game produced a storybook (or nightmare for me) ending as Crosby scored the game winning goal in the shootout in the snow. Red Wings at Blackhawks at Wrigley and Flyers at Bruins at Fenway also provided some good moments. Even if you don’t follow the NHL it’s definitely a good spectacle with two of the NHL’s biggest stars.   Also try to watch the Heritage Classic which is the Canadian Version of the New Year’s game on February 20, 2011 with the Canadiens at Flames in McMahon Stadium.

5) Screw you Albert Haynesworth!  I haven’t been up to date with the whole Fat Albert situation but this is absolutely ridiculous. If I’m the Redskins I’d cut him. We’ve given him too many chances and he doesn’t seem to care at all. Haynesworth still has lots of talent and he could have thrived in this defense but because of his inability to even try has caused us to suspend him. Shanahan, please don’t let this continue next year. GET RID OF FAT ALBERT.

Lot of other stuff to analyze including some basketball. Later I will talk about the Kyle Irving injury and what that means for the ACC, especially Maryland. Also my Raiders have a chance to make the playoffs. I’ll be taking about what they need to do in order to get in. I will tell you that this game on Sunday versus the Jags is a must will if we want any chance. GO RAIDERS!!!

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