NFL Week 13 Preview

5 Dec

Ok. So we are getting close to the end of the NFL regular season. Only a few more weeks left and there are 3 games tomorrow that are really big. Let’s go through them.

Falcons at Buccaneers–  The Atlanta Falcons are rolling right now at 9-2. This is mainly due to the play of QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy White. Ryan has been playing like a veteran and beat two good teams the past two weeks (Ravens and Packers). Roddy White should be a legitimate MVP candidate. It’s been his play that has given the Atlanta a 9-2 record. The Buccaneers are still playing good, smart football at 7-4. The stats won’t really reflect that but as Bill Belichick always says “Stats are for losers. Final scores are for winners.” Tampa Bay is a decent football team but the Falcons are better. This game is huge when looking at NFC South playoff implications. The Saints willpay attention to this game too. 24-17 Falcons

Steelers at Ravens– These two teams hate each other. And this is no exaggeration. These bitter rivals will definitely come to play but with Big Ben a little banged up and an tough Baltimore defense, it will be hard for the Steeler offense to get much done. Rashard Mendenhall will probably be a non-factor and the Ravens should get it done. Right? Don’t forget! This is a rivalry game. Crazy things can and probably will happen but I’ll still take the Ravens. 19-13 Ravens

Jets at Patriots– The Pats are at a solid 9-2 record and considered one of the best teams in the league. The Jets are a fortunate 9-2 and are considered one of the luckiest teams in the league. Rex Ryan has been talking lots of trash about this game and this is also a rivalry game meaning anything can happen. I would like to see Revis cover Welker instead of Branch because Welker is more dangerous than Branch. This game will come down to Mark Sanchez. If he plays well the Jets will win. But if he starts to force things the Pats will come out on top. Either way, it should be an entertaining game. 24-21 Jets

Other games: TEN > JAC, NYG > WAS (sigh), CHI > DET, BUF > MIN (upset special), NO > CIN, GB > SF, KC > DEN, CLE > MIA, SD > OAK (major sigh), SEA > CAR, STL > ARZ, and IND > DAL.

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