In-House Special: Tycho & Tyrel’ D – Telephone

5 Dec

Here is a brand new track entitled ‘Telephone’ from Sibat’s own Tycho, along with up and coming emcee Tyrel’ D. Look out below for the lyrics and cover art… Shoot up the comments if you recognize the beat!

[download] Tycho & Tyrel’ D – Telephone


I’m a king so listen when I speak bro

But not for me and never for my ego

We know I do it for my people

Till I get them to the top – steeple

Zero is what we all started with

But we push no matter how hard it gets

Roll the sleeves up on our cardigans

Well dressed mufuckas we GQ’in

And we doin what other people dream of

But they see success and mean mug

Yall nasty face need to clean it up

Just blast ya face with a bar of Dove

And I’m far above all the peaks you’ve reached

And I’m soaring up until the ceilings breached

So now you’re Mister Meech oh and Larry Hoover?

I’m Uncle Sam call me Edward Hoover

Cauz I’m breaking backs and I’m picking pockets

While you whippin work I got my people watching

I’m the king and the queen I’m the finger and the ring

I’m the ceiling and the floor I’m everything in between

Cant you see now I’m moving like a Swiss watch

Smooth but timeless like your wrist stopped

Tik tok drop roll me another one

Gettin better and were learning like a padawan

So heres another one for every Danielson

Wax on wax off and then the money come(i mean)

It takes more shape ups and fly kicks

To bring her panties down and make her wanna lick sticks

Wait you hear that little ringing

I think my homies callin so i gotta end my song

And go and tell him bout the bout the plan

Tyrel D my right hand man but i you knew that in advance

What the hell man…Why gotta interrupt me

I was feeling kinda lucky

I was feeling good at first but now you went and made me curse

Re-recording every verse like ….. tough ….. rough….. whatever

Bust lips and bust nuts then bust rhymes you dumb fucks

Think your crew is pretty hot but you cant mess wit none of us

I called Tycho up cause I was on board for domination

Of the whole world outside of my nation

Marchin down the streets

Armed and steady

These bombs is heavy

Droppin them to alarm I’m ready

Obam’s the presi

I’m puttin dents in these barracks

You soldiers gotta salute because you have no merits

People offer me ice, I pass those karats

Diamonds were never my steez, and I sever the beats

I am smart and im sick. I got a clever disease

So you should come to hail my reign like the weather that freeze

Forever impede.

These rappers talking bout they movements

Im through speakin on that.

Lettin the music do it

Even if I gotta abuse it, like kids in bad homes

I rock the mic, these others couldn’t cast stones.

Hip-Hop 101 I stay getting credits

I Discovered how to master this.

Ya cards is getting debted

Not Chasin the cash, peep how this American Express it

I got the Visa, thats world-wide respected.

My aura lookin something like a pearl shine reflection.

I define perfection.

It’s my profession.

Im held with greats cause I compel ya fates

And I excel the flames that expel the lames

Yes Tyrel’s got game and I won’t fail my name

Won’t tell of pain.

Never felt the shame

My thoughts are so hot they’ll melt ya brain

So crazy you don’t know if he’s in tel or sane

They say hip-hop is dead, I don’t know how to agree

When it’s livin in my veins every hour I breathe

The power I seek doesn’t come from fame or cash

It’s from me scribin words and finding verbs

That‘ll leave your minds inert

And im beserk.

Everytime I write a verse

It’s like the words themselves, arrive in hearse

I can’t help it, I was blessed with this rhyming curse!

Was given the gift of words and I disperse

I’m moldin breaks and at the same time breakin molds

Creatin flows, that’ll help as the greatness grows

My hatin foes? I got nothing but love for ya, that’s sweet

But the reason you in the back seat is cause you rap weak

I just let the facts speak

I picked up rhyming, cause my niche was writing

And I couldn’t craft beats

The meaning of infinite is…well that’s me!

Extending beyond greatness.

And now we gonna take this.

Me and Tycho we the Rule of Two

And I intend to show yall how ruler’s do!

3 Responses to “In-House Special: Tycho & Tyrel’ D – Telephone”

  1. Pangolin 9 December 2010 at 00:29 #

    forget about the song, I’m amazed by these magic snowflakes that follow around my cursor!

  2. Pangolin 9 December 2010 at 00:40 #

    but seriously though, that shit be trippin


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