Xbox Kinect

27 Nov

The Xbox Kinect is the newest accessory for the Xbox 360. It was announced back on June 1st, 2009 at E3 2009 which at the time it was called “Project Natal”. The anticipation for this device has been building for well over a year by now, as people were guessing as to whether this would be a device along the lines of the Nintendo Wii or something completely different. The Kinect was released on November 4th, 2010 across the United States.

The Kinect is used for facial, gesture, and voice recognition. While in use, it can track up to six players which looks like a feature that will create a lot of interest in the video game community. It only takes up 190 MB of storage space on the Xbox 360, which is not a large amount considering that the Xbox 360 has a total storage space of about 20 GB on it’s smallest hard drive.

The budget for the Kinect has been calculated as high as $500 million which is a higher investment than what was originally used when the Xbox 360 was actually released. The advertising campaign is targeting all ages with featured advertisements on YouTube, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Pepsi. So far this campaign has worked well with 1 million of the Kinect devices being sold to date.

The cost of the Kinect has been the one major factor for the device, seeing as it is $149.99. This price has been up for speculation, because the lowest price for a Xbox 360 is currently $199.99. So for the consumers looking to purchase a Kinect, they have to ask themselves, “Is this going to be something that I am going to use frequently and will it be well worth its price?”

So far the Kinect has gotten some great reviews, a 4/4 from the Washington Post, a 8.8/10 from Computer and Video Games, and a 4/5 from PCMag. Seeing as I have a Xbox 360 myself, I do look forward to enjoying the Kinect sometime in the near future. Personally though, I want to try it out before I even think about buying it because I am still a little skeptical about all the usefulness I am going to get out of a product such as the Kinect. I do believe though that it is a very good step in improving how video games will be played 10 to 20 years down the road. As for people interested in the product, it looks like it is panning out to do exactly what was expected of it from reviews, so I would say that it is going to be quite the sensation in the gaming world soon enough.

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