NFL Week 12 Matchups

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hoped everyone enjoyed the three Fs associated with Thanksgiving, family, food, and football. Sorry I wasn’t able to give a preview for the first two games and the Bengals Jets game that has already begun but hopefully I can provide some insight to the other games slated for this weekend!

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins – This is a game the redskins should beat pretty easily. The whole Brett Favre situation has blown up in the Vikings face pretty badly and the Skins have some renewed hope. I will tell you this. THESE ARE THE REDSKINS. I love my skins but I’m going to pick the Vikings because the Redskins will always find a way to disappoint after a good thing happens to them. Also since Chilly is out as the head coach of the Vikings, the Minnesota players will want to win for their new interim head coach. Remember, they do have talent. 28-23 Vikings

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons – This is probably the best game of the week. two great teams. Two great QBs. Watch for Aaron Rodgers to tear it up this game. I expect him to have a great day against the league’s 24th best pass defense. Matt Ryan will be good but won’t be good enough to match A-Rod. 41-31 Packers

Carolina Panthers at Cleveland Browns – Not the best match-up but good to watch if you are a fan of either team. I would think though Cleveland fans are more interested in Lebron’s return to the Q next Thursday at 8:00pm on TNT. Anyway, 20-17 Browns

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans – You have an underachieving team versus a team in disarray. Who knows what’s going to happen to Vince Young. Rusty Smith will probably get his first in this game and he was pretty bad against the Skins last week. I see Houston getting back on track. Schaub and Foster will play well and the Texans should be in control of this game from the start. 28-13 Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants – You got a hot team against a cold team.  The Jags are coming off two huge wins against the Texans and Browns. With the Colts losing last weekend the Jags practically lead the AFC south via tiebreaker and look to take control of the division. The Giants are coming off two losses to the Cowboys and the Eagles. They are a game behind in the NFC East. I’m going with the upset here and picking the Jags. The Giants running backs are fumbling and a lot of their other players are too banged up to play. Maurice Jones Drew will 125+ rushing. yards in this game. 20-10 Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills – This has all the elements of a blowout. Pittsburgh is a really good team and the Bills are a really bad team. I don’t really have to say much about this. 27-3 Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks – I see another upset here. Seattle may not be a good team but I think their defense will do just enough to contain Thomas Jones. Cassel won’t be on target either. Hasselbeck will look much better and they should re-take control of the NFC West after this game. Also don’t forget about the 12th man! 20-17 Seahawks

Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders – My Raiders won the straight emotional games and fell flat on their face last week. I expect them to come back strong this week. McFadden and Bush should absolutely dominate in this game. The Miami defense isn’t the same as years past. Campbell should do well. 30-17 Raiders

St. Louis Rams at Denver Broncos – Sam Bradford has shown that he IS going to be the QB the Rams need but Steven Jackson hasn’t really had the same year as some ones in the past. The Broncos haven’t been doing well either but we’ll see if Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd can get it going again. This will be a close one.  27-24 OT Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore Ravens – The Buccaneers have been a surprise season. Raheem Morris has coached his team well and Josh Freeman has played like a veteran QB. The only thing is Baltimore is much better. Their defense is still beast and Ray Rice runs the ball with purpose on every play. 20-10 Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears – These eagles have been flying high lately. Michael Vick is looking like an MVP caliber QB and the defense is getting it done too. The Bears have played well too but that offensive line is horrendous. That’s going to haunt them this Sunday. 27-20 Eagles

San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts – When these two teams play, it’s always going to be intense.The Chargers always seem to have the Colts number but I this weekend I’m going with the Colts. They’re coming off a loss to the Pats have been eliminated from the playoffs TWICE by these Chargers. Peyton is still an elite QB and this will be a shootout. 41-38 Colts

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals – This was looking like a great match-up during the pre-season but now it seems pretty boring. Funny what happens to a team when a great QB retires and is replaced by a nobody. The Niners are better but not by much. Frank Gore will run the ball effectively and the defense of San Francisco should play pretty well. 17-13 49ers

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