NFL Week 11 Recap

24 Nov

Ok. So… what have we learned from an exciting week 11 in the NFL?

Well for starters, the New Giants aren’t as good as we thought they were. I thought that they were good but I wasn’t quite  ready to crown them NFC East champs yet. Now, I’m reassured of that. Losses to the Colts, Titans, Cowboys (eww) and the Eagles are enough  to realize that.

Second, the Raiders (my team) fell back down to earth. After some key wins against the Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, and Seahawks the Raiders got destroyed 35-3 up in the ketchup bottle. And I expected  this. The Steelers came off losses to the Saints and Patriots. They expect to contend in the AFC and two losses like that will definitely motivate them. The Raiders were probably still on cloud nine after that emotional win over Kansas City so a loss seemed imminent. I don’t see this as a big loss that will kill our season but The Raiders have to beat the Dolphins next week. If that doesn’t happen, trouble will ensue in the Bay Area.

The Jets find a way again! The Jets somehow, someway get  another close victory against a bad team. First it was the Broncos, then the Lions, next the Browns and now the Texans. They are 8-2  going into Week 12 but can this team do some damage in the Playoffs.  They still have to play the Patriots up in Gillette Stadium so I really don’t know.

The Redskins are the Redskins. The Skins are a local team so I gotta love them but most of the time I end up laughing at what they end up doing. Bottom line: We should NOT have won this game. The Titans shot themselves in the foot, especially in OT with stupid  penalties that could have been avoided. But on to positive things for  the skins. The offensive line played better and Graham Gano is great from inside 42~44 yards, shaky beyond 45 yards. I don’t trust this team and neither should you but the Redskins always find ways to win  a game they shouldn’t. Yet, they always find ways to lose a game they should win.

Does someone really have to win the NFC West. This is quite  possibly the worst division in all of professional sports the Seahawks have the best record at 5-5. Seriously? It’s a shame that  one of these 7-3 or better teams will end up missing the playoffs while someone from the NFC West plays in early 2011. The Packers, Ravens, Saints, Falcons, Bengals, Panthers and  the Buccaneers told us nothing. They are the same. 5 of those teams  keep on rolling at 7-3 or 8-2. Two of those teams stay in the bottom  of the NFL. Time for the GMs of Cincinnati and Carolina to start watching NCAA Football. You know what I mean.

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL. They are right now sitting at 8-2 and have beaten some of the better NFL teams this season. They beat the Colts, Steelers and the Ravens. They did lose  to the Browns but that game was filled with turnovers. That can be  improved. Tom Brady is still an elite QB and he will get the job  done. The defense does just enough for the Patriots to win. Don’t be surprised to see this team play in early February.

And finally…

Unfortunately, the Chargers are back. They always do this. The  Chargers start off slow every year and they somehow storm back to make the playoffs. This Charger team started an abysmal 2-5 with  losses to the Seahawks, Chiefs, Raiders (ha), Patriots and Rams. Now  they are 5-5 and look to run the table in the AFC West. Phillip  Rivers is playing very well and the special teams seem to be getting  their act together so I’m very, very, very afraid!

We are 65% done with the regular season with some early games  coming up in Week 12. I hope to have a preview of that week before  kickoff of the Patriots Lions game.

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