Movie You May Not Know About: “Mystery Team”

1 Oct

Name: Mystery Team

Year: 2009

Director: Dan Eckman

Cinematographer: Austin F. Schmidt

A trio of friends known as the “Mystery Team”, promise to solve a mystery that proves to be a bit more difficult than their typical cases.

“Mystery Team” is a movie made by the group “Derrick Comedy”, of Youtube fame. Now if you have seen any one of the “Derrick Comedy” videos you know that these guys are incredibly hilarious. Their writing is great, their execution is amazing, and they’re just plain funny. If you haven’t seen any “Derrick Comedy” videos, you live an empty life and I pray for you. (But seriously, just pop over to Youtube and check out their “Bro Rape” video or their “Memory Loss” video, both of which serve as great introduction to the group’s videos)

When I first heard that the “Derrick Comedy” guys were going to do a full length movie I was a bit apprehensive because making a funny eight-minute video is considerably easier than creating a ninety seven-minute feature film, I just doubted their skill. After seeing “Mystery Team” though I was thoroughly surprised. The movie is about a group of three friends who formed a crime solving team when they were seven, and have been working together solving “crimes” for the last 11 years of their lives. Though people in the town where they lived though the antics of the “Mystery Team” were initially cute, now that they are all 18 the cute factor has worn off, and they are regarded as being failures by everyone they know, save Jamie, a mentally disabled girl who brings hem their cases , and Jordy a convenience store clerk and failure at life himself. After experiencing a lot of failure a young girl named Brianna comes to the Mystery Team for help. Though they are assuming she will ask them for help with a lost kitten, or a hopskotch dispute, she drops the bomb that she wants them to solve the mystery of her parents murder.

There is so much that is funny about this movie, starting with the actual “Mystery Team” itself. The team consists of Jason, the leader and a master of disguise whose disguises fail in a fantastic way, Duncan, a boy genius whose knowledge consists only of facts from a “1,001 Wacky Facts” book he memorized in second grade, and Charlie, the strongest kid in town who is kind of a pussy and rather empty headed. The greatest thing about the three characters is they all are the few wholesome characters in the middle of town containing cursing kinder gardeners, corrupt businessmen, and a very low tier strip club. The juxtaposition of the pure characters on the backdrop of sucha gritty city makes for ample amounts of hilarity.

There are so many other funny things, but if you want to find them out you can watch it yourself, it’s definitely worth it.


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