The Greatest Band in the World: Total Ghost

22 Sep

When I saw the album cover, a picture of two awkward men standing on ‘moon planet’ and baring their chest hair in front of a custom Lamborghini, I knew I was about to experience something epic. However, when I pressed play, I was not prepared for the intense auditory and optical stimulation that ensued.

As I write this post, Total Ghost’s newest video ‘Too Fast for the Autobahn’ has only 23 views, but I am sure that number is about to skyrocket.  What’s not to like about their stoic demeanors, outlandish outfits, and irresistible tunes? And the greatest thing about this group from Europe… or Outer Space… or Denver (maybe)? They don’t just recognize their weaknesses, they find them and exploit them to the point where they actually become strengths.  Luckily enough for us humans, they have just released their EP New Future to iTunes for our pleasure, so be sure to support them. Also, check out their videos below!

*DISCLAIMER: Before writing this post, they did offer me a ride on their yacht. And free champagne.

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