13 Aug
I’m not 100% sure which photographer took these pictures, though preliminary research leads me to believe it was editorial photographer Mathias Alan, regardless, these images are amazing. The juxtaposition of the deceivingly simple outfits and the simple setting, most likely the photographer’s apartment/house, makes for a set of visually stunning images. Many people believe that for something to be beautiful it has to be complicated, complex, or extremely intricate, I believe that beauty can come in various forms, from the extremely simple feeling emanating from these images (that by the way have a sort of “Bladerunner” cyberpunk feel to them), or from the complex work of Gustav Klimt, it really doesn’t matter. Anyway, I really like these pictures hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well.
UPDATE: The Editorial is of model Mathias Lauridsen shot  by photographer Henrik Bülow
(more pictures after the jump)

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