Allow Me to Introduce… Kid Hum

4 Aug

Meet the newest member of our team, Kid Hum. If you haven’t heard of him, don’t sweat it. But from now on, you have no excuse NOT to know him. Hit the jump for the breakdown…

Kid Hum has been a mainstay of Colorado’s underground hip-hop scene for years, and he was recently one of only twelve producers selected to compete at the Red Bull Big Tune in Denver. Previously, he has produced several critically acclaimed projects with Colorado rap lords Whygee and Sunkenstate, and was featured on Braille’s Weapon Aid which peaked at #6 on the iTunes hip-hop charts. His solo endeavors have been even more successful; his instrumental album Fossil Fuel was named one of the “most slept on albums of 2009“, and his album Offshore Drilling reached over 60,000 downloads.
But don’t just take my word for it, click here to see what some other people have to say about Kid Hum.
You can also stream Hum’s latest DJ set on Basementalism Radio below, or download it here.


1. Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples  – epaR
2. Curren$y feat. Nesby Phips – Prioritize
3. Paul Wall feat. Raekwon, Jay Electronica & Yelawolf – Live It
4. Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z – Free Mason
5. PRGz – Anutha Night
6. Curren$y – Life Under The Scope
7. Black Sheep – Reason To Pray
8. Black Sheep – Victory
9. PRG’z – Anutha Night
10. Paul Wall – Take Notes
11. Black Sheep feat. Psycho Les – Important Facts
12. Black Sheep – Forever Luvlee
13. Black Sheep – Birds of a Feather
14. Curren$y – Example
15. King FOE & Whygee feat. Catch Lungs – Care Giver
16. Paul Wall feat. Devin The Dude & Z-Ro – Smoke Everyday
17. Curren$y – Seat Change
18. Earl Sweatshirt feat, Ace Creator – Couch
19. PRGz – Tip Down
20. Paul Wall – Imma Get It
21. Paul Wall feat. Chamillionaire – Round Here
22. Earl Sweatshirt – Luper
23. Curren$y – Audio Dope II
24. Earl Sweatshirt – Earl
25. Earl Sweatshirt – Stapleton
26. King FOE & Whygee feat. Catch Lungs – Changes

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