16 Jul

I’m sure that when you get bored, at work or at home or wherever you may be, many of you end up surfing YouTube for more time than you would like to admit. Sorry to say, but I am not here to help you fight your addiction. In fact, I embrace it. I have even brought along a few gifts (in the form of videos) that I believe you will enjoy watching. Indulge!

Old Spice Man
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already seen the outrageous Old Spice ad campaign. What you may not have seen are the personal responses Old Spice Man has been sending to fans (from his bathroom) in light of his new fame. Not only is it brilliant marketing, but it’s also one of the most entertaining things on YouTube right now. He’s sent 185 personal responses, so I suggest you start watching now!
Kanye’s Power
 Kanye West recently posted this fan made video for his new single “Power” to his blog. Playing perfectly to the slapping production and using only a montage of .GIF clips, it’s an outstanding work on its own. Don’t be surprised if Ye decides to make it the official video!
Write the Future
It seems like the latest trend in the advertising game is to create ads that viewers will actually enjoy watching! Nike joined the pack with this ad to coincide with the World Cup. I bet pretty soon we’ll be seeing feature length advertisements.
Yoda on Your GPS
As TomTom gets ready to release a collection of Star Wars voices for their navigation systems, they have been putting out these videos with behind-the-scenes footage. This will definitely make driving more exciting, but I’m scared this might start being a common occurrence. If you’re a Star Wars fan, watch more of the videos below.
Cardboard Warfare
With only cardboard weapons, some talented videography, and a lot of hard work, these kids were able to create a scene that looks like it could be from Black Hawk Down. They’ve gotten almost 1,000,000 views on YouTube in the last few weeks, and a knock on the door from Hollywood probably isn’t too far down the road. If you like it, check out the “Making Of” video below
One last note. Wikileaks has been the subject of recent rumors, including suggestions that the site is being abandoned. This is the same website that brought you this video, which appeared to show the U.S. military breaking the rules of engagement and killing about a dozen people in Iraq. Representatives of Wikileaks are now denying the closure, but either way, it will continue to be a very controversial topic.


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