Maharishi ss 2011 Collection

16 Jul

I dont know if anyone got a chance to take a look at the Maharishi ss 2011 runway show, if you didn’t though here it is:

Personally I think that this show is just disgusting, but in a good way. The combination of the lighted runway, the black reflective surfaces and the futuristic safari look of the upcoming collection made for a great watching experience. Oh and I can’t forget about the music, which is fantastic as well. It makes its way through a few different styles, starting off with, what sounds like, a sort of ominous drumming, evolving into a mix of drums and synthesizers, going through a few more interesting stages, and finally ending how it began, with ominous, if faster paced, drumming. To be completely honest this show sort reminded me of Kanye’s “VH1: Storytellers” performance, which is definitely a good thing because that performance was, most definitely, disgusting.


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