Songs of the Week: Part Two (11 Jul – 17 Jul)

11 Jul

Nature Boy” Cover – Pomplamoose

I’ve been listenting the shit out of this song for a little while, and for good reason. The duo, comprised of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, create some of the prettiest music I’ve listened to.

If I Were a Bell” – Amel Larrieux

Apparently back in the 90’s Amel was part of a group named Groove Theory. I tried listening to Groove Theory but it does no justice to the most recent stuff I’ve heard from Amel specifically this song which drowns in a mixful of soulful dissonance and buttery vocals

He’s A Pirate” – DJ Tiesto

There’s not much to say about this song other than it’s a combination of DJ Tiesto (who is awesome), and Pirates of the Carribean (which is also extremely awesome).

Blackout City” – Anamanaguchi

If you are like me, who liked the Mario music, or 8-bit music in general, tremendously then Anamanaguchi is for you.The coupling of 8-bit synths, reminiscent of those fantastic Mario days, and some rather serious percussion makes for an interesting listen, out of all the songs on their most recent album though, I loved “Blackout City” the most.

Your English is Good” – Tokyo Police Club

This song has been a favorite summer song of mine for the last two or three, and I can’t even explain why, all I know is that everytime I listen to it I get lost in it, it’s just a great song. Also the video is wonderfully shot and definitely does justice to the song.

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